Thursday, May 20, 2010

Investors end up holding the bag in high-end apartments

Mint has an article on how the builders get their initial funding from select investors who are given apartments at a discount to the market price. The investors then sell off the flats to the end-users at the going market rate once the project nears completion.

While this seems to be a legitimate way for businesses to raise funds, these investors who buying the highly priced apartments will stuck with these prohibitively expensive properties as the only buyers who could afford these apartments would the investors themselves. US/UK based NRI's cannot afford buying anything in Mumbai. The Dubai investor is reeling under the crisis in the Gulf leaving nobody but the investors themselves as the only folks with black money and the affordability. Bank's these days are very careful doling out loans and any loan over 50L attracts a lot of scrutiny.

Now imagine the investment decision made by a smart businessman in Mumbai with 2 crores of discretionary investment cash. Will he directly contact the builder and buy in it as a investor or will he be so stupid enough to buy from another investor by paying an extra 30% ?

Property prices heading north on pre-sales to investors
Investors have bought at least 80% of the project, fetching Unitech around Rs315 crore that it can use for construction and other needs

Bangalore: Unitech Ltd’s intense pre-sales pitch in October to investors for a part of its residential project in upscale Worli, Mumbai, is paying off in more ways than one—the company has been able to collect a tidy sum while the price benchmark has been pushed higher.

Investors have bought at least 80% of the project, fetching Unitech around Rs315 crore that it can use for construction and other needs. Around one-fifth of them have already resold their purchases at a profit, pushing up prices from Rs12,000-12,500 a sq. ft during the pre-sales to Rs19,000-20,000 a sq ft., the likely price tag for actual home buyers when Unitech opens the rest of the project for them later this year.

A similarly brisk rally is pushing up prices in several other projects in Mumbai and Delhi—a trend last seen in 2005-07, just before the bubble burst as liquidity dried up amid the financial crisis.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mumbai, Delhi realty rates on way down

Real estate prices for new bookings in Mumbai and NCR Delhi are expected to be 10 to 20 per cent lower than prevailing market rates feel analysts as developers are still bogged down by unsold inventory in projects in these areas.

In Virar prices for new launches are likely to come down to Rs 2,200 from the existing Rs 2,800, in Panvel from Rs 5,000 a sq ft to Rs 4,000 for new launches and Andheri West to Rs 7,500 per sq ft from Rs 11,000 in existing project — perhaps the sharpest cut — according to the Religare report.

Developers say that there is nothing unusual about price cuts for new projects.

“As a company policy we sell the first 20 per cent of the apartments at cheaper rates and as we go on constructing prices go up,” said Hemant Shah, CMD, Akruti City, a Mumbai-based realty company. “Otherwise we may have to pay out heavy interests to banks for borrowed funds.”

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