Thursday, October 08, 2009

AP and Karnataka Flood relief

While we can endlessly debate the pros and cons of buying real estate and blame the politician-builder nexus and black money on the irrationally high value of real estate in Mumbai and metro cities, I think it is time to pay attention to the calamity which has unfolded in AP and Karnataka. These areas went from having a deficit of 60% in the annual rainfull to a surplus of 100%. The images on the temple town of Mantralayam in AP, the samadhi of Sri Raghavendra Swamy are surreal. I hope there are some readers which can spare a thought for the millions of Indian's which have been rendered homeless due ot these floods. Katrina looks like puddle when compared to the bay of bengal which seem to have descended on land-locked interior AP and Karnataka. The Kanrataka CM has a relief fund and so does AP. Please contribute generously and banish the thought of mis-appropiration of these funds. We all know about how corrupt the process is when buying real estate. Here it is a drop in the ocean(pun intended). I've already done my part, now it is your turn.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Home buyers unite!

This is a new Yahoo Group started to serve as a platform for people who want to buy their home but not be indebted to the bank for the rest of their life!!!

Email from Mr. Nitin Degaonkar attached:

Home Buyers Association of Pune (HBAP) shall work to serve and protect the interests of house buyers . Builders are very strongly organized and their association is a strong body which lobies well with Government Authorities. Unfortunately house buyers is such a scattered lot and so illinformed that one has to depend on information available in some news paper articles or the internet. HBAP can be helpful for the buyers to know first hand information about various aspects of buying house, builder' reputation, loan related matters. It can also work for ensuring that there is no artifically raised property prices with any possible cartelization.

Those who are interested may please join this movement. Link -
There are many people keen to buy houses and there are many beneifits of doing such things collectively. House buyers association can take up / address issuses / concerns of buyers and help people on a larger scale.
Nitin Degaonkar