Monday, July 05, 2010

Bharat Bandh, super high inflation and housing prices

It must have become apparent to everyone by now including the Congress government that the Bharat Bandh, called by the opposition has been a stupendous success. The majority of the common people who have meagre earnings have seen essential commodities skyrocket beyond their own mean. Citizens employed by certain private sectors and government sectors which were affected by the sixth pay commission could still manage to buy dal at 120 rs a kg. However the vast majority of the country have rebelled against the policies of the government.

Sonia Gandhi and Mehangai Manmohan Singh have completely lost track of the common man and see the country thru eyes of the G-20 and the IMF , courtesy Montek and Mani Iyer. However off late I see that Mani Shankar Iyer has been distancing himself from the view of the congress government.

If an election were to be held today, there is no doubt that Congress would've been voted out of power just one year after their second term.

Corruption levels are highest in this regime and personally I have been asked to pay exorbiant amounts for measly government procedures regarding my own parent's property.

Over 2004-2010 India has definitely witnessed growth however the price rise and inflation has eaten into the purchasing power of everyone. When I made my first post on this blog I had warned of this where rapid growth will lead to uncontrolled inflation thereby making majority of the people more poor then they were before the growth commenced.

The only people to benefit from this high GDP growth of 2004-2010 is the rich upper class, bureaucrats and politicians all enjoying gains thru corrupt means. Everyone else is just a loser.