Saturday, November 27, 2010

US warns India about possible WikiLeaks release

Another embarrasment is about to hit the Indian politicians and government officials.
This might help the 2G scam accused as the disclosures will dominate the news headlines on Sunday and the coming week. Any guesses what US diplomats think about Indian politicians and Babu's.

DNA India reports.

The US has warned India and other key governments across the world about a new potentially embarrassing release of classified documents by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks which may harm the American interests and create tension in its ties with its "friends".

"We have reached out to India to warn them about a possible release of documents," state department spokesperson PJ Crowley told Press Trust of India.

"We do not know precisely what WikiLeaks has or what it plans to do. We have made our position clear. These documents should not be released," Crowley said, ahead of the expected release by the website of millions of sensitive diplomatic cables.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Property prices could crash due to loan scam

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Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee directed state-run lenders to avert the reappearance of the loans-for-bribes scandal and recommended banks to go for a critical appraisal of all real estate loans above Rs 50 crore. This, however, may curb projects and drive developers to private funds, according to industry experts. On Wednesday, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested 8 finance executives on charges of taking bribes to pass loans.

Liquidity for the sector could dry up since bankers look cautious to sanction fresh loans which in turn will force builders to reduce prices to enhance cash output. But for prospective buyers, this is good news as many have been holding on due to high prices.

DB Realty dipped to 10%, Indiabulls Real Estate lost 5.2%, DLF fell 3.8%, and Unitech declined 6%. Shortage of funds is now threatening to act as a major hitch for project execution. This is an important cause for concern as the sector is only recovering now after the economic hiatus of 2008.

Mukherjee said, “Banks and financial institutions should strengthen the NPA (non-performing assets) monitoring and management in their institutions to ensure that advance action is taken to identify incipient sickness and take appropriate action on it”

A Bank of India official said, “All big-tickets loans, particularly to builders, will come under the scanner now. Recall of loans can happen if there is a fear that the quality of loans may suffer. But as of now, there is no such worry and hence it would not prompt us to recall loans.”

Monday, November 22, 2010

2G scam, corrupt nexus between policiticans, business and the media

Full transcript of calls between politicians/lobbyists and journalists including the Ambani Gas deal, Air-India ripoff by Praful Patel and more. It appears that Prabhu Chawla had advance information of the judgement and Nira Radia is fishing for information. More juicy details by Outlook

By roping in the media the politicians and businessmen have nothing to fear. The 4th estate is as corrupt as the other three and these tapes provide damming evidence to that effect. When I said that the Indian media will never report the truth on the state of real estate because of vested interests like builders placing advertisements into the same publications I didn't realize the extent of the rot which had seeped into the system.

Forget real estate one can replace 2G scam with any other scam and the same nexus will operate with high efficiency.

There are also news articles which now put the stock market boom in recent months into question as the recycled corrupt money enters India thru Marutius and other tax havens.

Open Magazine has provided links to Barkha Dutt's conversation with Nira Radia. The media in India is the wolf in the lamb's clothing. Who will trust the messenger ?

Here are Magazine's links