Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Discussions with a big builder's sales guy

I was very ambivalent about posting this, but I am just pretty pissed how these big builders get away with semi-legal properties.


Do you still have any big 3 bedrooms on sale? What is the current price?

Is there katha for the land?

Sales VP:

S****a C*****c is completely sold out. I can offer you big 3bhk of 2100 sft.
in S*****a C******on. There are only two flats available in 3rd & 4th floor
facing the swimming pool. Total will be 1.1 cr. (app) all inclusive.

For every project there is a Khata.



Is this a "A" Khata or a "B" Khata? My lawyers forbid the "B" Khata saying that is illegal.

Sales VP:

Sir, to keep you updated S****a is not related to any illegal documentation. Our property documentation is done by Mr. Anup Shah's law firm, one of the biggest lawyer of the country. Moreover our all projects are approved by SBI, they have their own panel of lawyers without whose confirmation SBI don't approve any property. Also S****a C****n I is ready to move in & people has started shifting now.

I really don't know after staying in a S****a Flat also how come you are not confident of the builder. 99% of the S****a tenants end up buying in S****a only. We are the largest brand of South India and we are known for our transparency in clear legality of the documentation, doubting us is like doubting the engine quality of a Mercedes Benz car, for what they are famous in the world.
If you & your lawyer has still doubts, then you are most welcome to our office, there you can meet our legal team and clarify your doubts.


I saw apartments come up for sale in L******er and J*****ne and both have "B" Katha. The general consensus amongst lawyers (I talked to a SBI lawyer as well) is the "B" Katha is not correct.

Why is that other than Q*****z and one other property, no other S****a property in Bellandur area has a "A" Katha?

There is a lot of discussion and angst amongst S*****a J******ne owners in the internal mailing list about the lack of this "A" Katha. I am curious to know why Jasmine does not have appropriate Katha for the land.

I like living in a S*****a community, but I need to know why these properties only have a "B" Katha.

Sales VP:

As I told in the last mail you are most welcome to our office to have a detail discussion with our lawyers about all your legal clarifications.

Also to keep you updated majority of the. S*****a J*****ne residents have bought 2nd/3rd time in S*****a only. I have clients in J*****e block 1 who have bought three times in S*****a and also referred so many of their friend & relatives for S*****a only.


OK. Fair enough.

If I have to infer what you say, the land is all legal, but there are other things that have caused the "B" Katha. I will reach out to your legal department when I need help.

Do you have a pointer to your legal department?

For the record, I love S*****a J*****e.

Sales VP:

You can come to our office & meet Mr. Shivraj,from the legal time. But the main concern is C*****c is sold out , in C*****on only 2 flats are left. By the time you finish all your verifications there will be nothing to buy. Immediately block a flat first and then do all your queries.


Not really interested in C*****on. Don't like the location.

There are plenty of resale properties available in the existing S*****a properties, including C*****c. I am not in a hurry to rush and buy anything without proper legal checks.

Thanks for your help. I will take the help of Mr. Shivaraj as the need arises.

Sales VP:

We don't deal with resale as per our Company norms. Please let me know only if you are interested in new S*****a Property.
Mr. Shivaraj can only help you only if you are a buyer of our property directly from S****a.

And thus it goes. Unless the original buyer insists and gets clear documents and title from the developer, there is no chance in hell that you will get all the documents from the developer during subsequent years. And yet, people buy and sell properties worth many Crores.

Mumbai developers run for cover, cut property prices

Article Link

The developer has blinked. Prospective buyers who were waiting for correction in realty prices should rejoice, as city developers have started bringing down property prices by 10% to 30%.

Manohar Shroff, general secretary of the Maharashtra Chambers of Housing Industry, Navi Mumbai, admitted that developers had started reducing property rates to survive in the sluggish market. Higher interest rates, rising inflation and increasing construction costs have not only dampened demand but also investor desire to book and own more flats.

Pankaj Kapoor, managing director of Liases and Foras, the real research firm said, the cash flow in the realty market has dried up in the last two years, and this has spread panic among developers.

"Earlier, the investors were helping developers by pumping enormous amounts of cash in the property market. Now, the investors themselves are in deep financial trouble, as they could not sell the properties they had bought earlier. So, the market is quite tight," he said.