Thursday, May 05, 2011

Buyers in agony over delayed housing projects in Pune

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However, many middle class buyers feel cheated and harassed, especially due to the problem of delayed possession. Alok Goswami, who bought an apartment in Kumar Kruti, Kumar Urban Ltd’s (KUL) project in upmarket Kalyaninagar in March 2006, has not received possession even today, five years later.

According to Ravi Karandeekar, real estate expert, some builders take bookings and invest the money in another project, thereby causing delays. “For many builders this has become a business policy,” he said, not naming any specific builder.

As a real estate watcher, Karandeekar warns buyers against falling in the trap of taking over the apartment even before the entire project is completed (as in the case of Periwinkle). “This is called false possession. People get carried away due to the losses they are facing, but without completion and occupancy certificates, the dwelling has no legal standing, especially in the event of a mishap like fire,” he added.

Wanting to caution buyers, Karandeekar said, “In most real estate projects, buyers book apartments that are showcased at conceptual level only. Even plans are not passed and the bookings begin. Buyers must understand this.” He cautioned buyers against allowing themselves to get exploited because they are not aware of their rights.