Saturday, April 09, 2011

China - the Paper Dragon - Ghost cities

China's ghost malls, cities and office space - nearly 30 billion sq ft constructed mostly vacant.

This is a bubble worst than India's (At least India can manage to run some demand and lets common people use up space by renting for offices, shops, etc)
A must watch - in 4 to 12 months China is going to be Dubai x 1000

Updates -

Moodys downgrades Chinese RE

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Force UPA govt to accept the Lok Pal Bill - Support Anna Hazare

Ignoring Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's appeal, veteran social activist Anna Hazare began an indefinite fast on Tuesday pressing for a more stringent anti-corruption Lokpal bill.
The call has evoked a massive response across the country with even the high profile NAC led by Sonia Gandhi in broad agreement with civil society.
Responding to the call of Anna Hazare, hundreds turn into Satyagrahis and along with him, fast for a strong Lokpal bill to fight corruption in high places in cities across the country. For a nation that ranks at the bottom of the heap on corruption, this solidarity is not surprising.
“We do not want yet another advisory body,” said Kiran Bedi.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Must see movie : Inside Job free

Everyone needs to watch this movie on near collapse of the US financial system which almost bankrupted the world. Film makers in India are busy making Salman and Shah Ruk dance and have no time in investigative documentaries. The journalists on the other hand are busy negotiating deals with politicians and businessmen.