Friday, June 10, 2011

Hinjewadi calling

It appears that protests of every kind are fashionable these days.  Now Hinjewadi tech workers are demanding better infrastructure for their own backyard.

Some interesting statistics : 70k tech workers contributing to total of 300k jobs. Roughly $4B in revenue. Projected growth to double in the next five years one can only imagine the plight of workers who commute from far off places to Hinjewadi.  The next logical think which people do is to move closer to work. If this happens we will see prices closer to Hinjewadi jump as demand will begin outstripping supply. Right now Baner/Pashan/Kothrud/Balewadi/Bavdhan are poised for another jump in prices. Pune prices have stabilized and now rising slowly again. With 70k people in Hinjewadi, Magarpatta and eastern pune are way behind west pune. I've heard recently Cap Gemini has opened a big office in Hinjewadi and Accenture is moving to Hinjewadi in a big way and moving people there from their Magarpatta office. IBM, TCS, Infosys and Wipro are already big in terms of headcount. If the headcount reaches 140k in the next 3 years investors in these areas will be amply rewarded. However the million dollar question is which builder to trust even after being convinced that a location is ready for prime-time ?

PUNE: Information technology (IT) professionals of the Rajiv Gandhi Information Technology Park in Hinjewadi took to the streets of this prime IT hub of Pune on Friday afternoon to express their anguish over the poor infrastructure, sub-optimal traffic management and inadequate security arrangements.

The silent protest of these knowledge workers triggers 'Hinjewadi First', a three-month-long campaign aimed at attracting the attention of all stake holders - including the administration, law-and-order machinery and local residents, to the need for a better Hinjewadi.

These professionals, who are generally busy creating cutting edge software solutions for businesses spread all across the globe, were unperturbed by the monsoon showers as they stood holding umbrellas and banners in their hands asking for better infrastructure, better traffic management, enhanced power supply and security for Hinjewadi.

Over 70,000 professionals work in Hinjewadi generating IT exports of around $4 billion, to contribute nearly 40 per cent of Maharashtra's IT exports annually. Incidents in the last couple of years have raised concerns about security in the area and the physical infrastructure being inadequate.

Mritunjay Singh, president of the Hinjewadi Industries Association (HIA), told mediapersons earlier in the day that Hinjewadi First is an initiative that intends to gain the attention of the stake holders of the state and the city through a series of activities planned over the next three months. The intention is to highlight the need for improvement in the Hinjewadi area, making it a world class IT destination.

"We get adequate support from the government for specific problems raised, but the time has come to look at the growth potential of the area. We need to take a proactive approach in developing infrastructure, power, security and traffic on an urgent basis, looking at the growth potential of the area," he said.

Singh pointed out that there is only one arterial road in Hinjewadi and this is inadequate by any standards to handle the number of vehicles that carry the 70,000 plus professionals in and out every day. "If we allow things to go as they are, the road will choke very soon," he added.

According to Singh, the growth of Hinjewadi can be well-planned and structured if a dedicated and competent authority is created by the government to develop a holistic strategy for Hinjewadi and Pune as an IT hub. HIA is looking for completion of a fire station in Phase III, development of more connecting roads from Infotech Park to Balewadi and Baner to ease the traffic flow, improvement of public transport, increasing the water storage capacity by 5,000 cubic meters along with an alternate water line from Kasarsai dam, improvement in pumping facilities and changing the old water line to new.

Singh said HIA has planned many more activities involving a variety of stakeholders to find a comprehensive solution to Hinjewadi's issues. These will include round table meets, symposiums, traffic regulation drives, tree plantation week, opinion poll through different mediums and a big conclave to conclude the drive and the creation of a vision document for Hinjewadi, he added.  

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Guess what is common between Ramdev, Anna Hazare and RSS ?

The last few days in India have been very hectic for the media as the anger against corruption has been taken to level not seen in recent times. In such stressful times it is best to find some comic relief to soothe the nerves and ready oneself for the battle next morning. Chidambaram , one of India's cabinet ministers have graciously offered to provide Indian citizens their daily dose of laughter. 

On Twitter citizens from every walk of life are now joining Chidambarm in slamming the RSS for being responsible for almost anything and everything which has happened in the Universe for over few billion years.  Link here