Sunday, June 17, 2012

Home sales slump by more than 50% in Delhi, Mumbai areas

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While MMR reported the sharpest drop of around 58%, NCR slumped 57% from the year earlier. Bangalore witnessed a drop of 18% in sales, the report added.

Sales in NCR dropped to 15,104 units from 35,420 units and it fell to 11,473 units from 27,676 units in MMR.

The two regions saw a residential supply of 107,731 and 89,461, respectively, in the first quarter.

Samir Jasuja, founder and chief executive officer, PropEquity Analytics, said, “In the coming quarters, there would be strong pressure on many micro markets and we expect inventory overhang to increase and absorption could continue to slow down. Mumbai in MMR and Gurgaon in NCR have seen the sharpest falls in absorption.”

“If this trend continues, there could be a price correction of 5-20%, especially in the micro markets of NCR, MMR and Hyderabad,” he added.

Bangalore hasn’t been as badly hit because of demand from genuine homebuyers and end-users, apart from the fewer unsold properties.

Sales in the southern city fell 18% to 7,704 units from 9,410 units.

The other two markets are largely investor driven.
“Generally, investor-driven markets would see downward risks than end-user driven markets,” added Jasuja.