Sunday, March 04, 2012

Investors in Mumbai flats want money back Investors in Mumbai flats want money back Investors in Mumbai flats want money back

Times Of India reports. Of all the papers this is TOI reporting.. Again.. Times of India reports :)

Underconstruction investors are screwed big time. Brokers are returning calls as prices are dropping in Mumbai. With good cash one can easily snatch a good deal.  Unfortunately this cannot be said of Bangalore/Chennai or Pune as yet.

MUMBAI: Property speculators and investorswho book flats even before the project is launched are in trouble. Builders who used to take money from them upfront and promised them large areas by manipulating certain spaces in the building, can no longer do so after BMC's stringent building laws kicked in in January. 

Across the city, most builders sell up to 30% of their stock at a discounted rate to investors if they pay a major chunk of the amount upfront. These deals are struck when builders do not even have the basic construction approvals in place. 

Earlier, when building rules could be manipulated to the hilt, developers misused and sold areas which were not part of the apartment. These areas were then surreptitiously and illegally amalgamated into the flat to make it bigger. New rules have upset the calculations of such builders who had promised larger houses to their investors.