Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cell phone towers increase cancer risk in residential buildings

Recently I thought of looking for a rental apartment in Mumbai and asked few brokers to show me some apartments. One of the apartments I liked was on the 6th floor of a 7 storey building which had a cell phone tower installed on the terrace. I had heard about the ill-effects of cell-phone radiation in the past but never thought much about it as it didn't  affect me. I did a quick google search and a very recent study done by an IIT professor Dr Girish Kumar came up in the results. 

The results of his study are alarming. In one case  he has listed the occurrence of cancer in residents living in consecutive floors of a building(5,6,7,8,9) which faces a cell phone tower. This particular instance was enough for me to abandon that particular apartment and finding the choice apartment has now become increasingly hard as there are cell phone towers everywhere. Given that one can easily step-up the power of these RF amplifiers I would not be surprised if a majority of cell-phone towers are  on steroids. I urge all home-seekers ownership or rentals to consider this very important factor  in their home search.

Staying 400 meters from a cell phone tower is possible only in the IIT Mumbai campus :). 

The study is below. Mobile Tower Radiation Danger and Solutions Proposed to Government - Prof. Girish Kumar - May 2012