Friday, October 05, 2012

Robert Vadra's alleged flat in DLF Aralias

I did some googling go locate DLF Aralias where Arvind Kejriwal has alleged that Robert Vadra owns several flats. has one 5500 sq ft apartment for sale for 19.5 crores. If he own's 7 flats here, Vadra just has a paltry investment of 140 crores. It is also alleged now that several Congress , BJP and JD(U) MP's own super sized penthouses in this building. It is also no surprise that DLF has given these flats to these individuals at huge discounts to the existing prices. Apart from the middle-class in Delhi who can afford these flats is anybody's guess. Here is the link to the advertisement, probably owned by some politically connected individual.

In a very charitable move DLF loans crores of rupees, interest free to Mr Vadra who then buys DLF's properties at throwaway discounted prices. I wish DLF is charitable to every Indian. Every Indian will be indebted to them for the rest of their lives. In fact the Income Tax and company affairs board should make it legal for builders to make unsecured interest free loans to the Indian citizens so they can buy their properties. This will boost their bottomline and they can recognize revenue for the flats which are sold and thereby boost their stock prices. In all seriousness SEBI would need to question the auditor of DLF to explain the fudging of the books. The "Too Big to Fail" individuals are now facing their moment of reckoning.