Monday, May 21, 2007

Goons, forgery rule Maha Mumbai SEZ

Ibnlive reports.

Raigad (Maharashtra): All his life, a farmer in Raigad district in Maharashtra, Naga Bhoir, has been tilling paddy on a patch of land till he got a summon from District Place to collect some cheques.

To his surprise, he was told there that his land had been sold off but this was the bigger shock: all the sale documents had his name and signature.

"They have forged the documents. I have no clue how they did this? They told me to collect the cheque but I refused. I don’t want to sell off my land at any cost,” said Bhoir.

Bhoir is only one among the 1000 other farmers in the area; all of them in constant fear that they too will be cheated of their land because it falls in the area demarcated for the Maha Mumbai Special Economic Zone (SEZ) because this is how easy it is to forge the documents of a land sale.

For instance, there are two copies of Elections Commission's voter identity card: one showing Naga Bhoir and the other an unknown person. In a copy of Bhoirs ration card, the names are all correct, but the copy has different ages. Even the Land Aquisition Ddepartment Notice is forged. This all indicates that such fraud could only have been carried out with the help of government officials.

“The CM is saying that no forceful aquisitions will be done. The PM is saying no irrigated land will be acquired. Then what is this happening? Infact, the revenue department is working to help out the company,” said a member of the SEZ Virodhi Sangharsha Sameeti, Vaishali Patil.

Four such cases of forgery has been registered with the police but activists have 73 such incidences across the three Talukas.

CNN IBN had earlier reported how the district collector had assured the protesting farmers that irrigated land would not be acquired for the SEZ.

But clearly, on the ground the situation seems to be different.

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