Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hindu reports on the bust in Hyderabad real estate

Over the past few days, there are news-paper articles on the real-estate bust covering Coimbatore, Hyderbad, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR and Bangalore. Its a buyers market now, so any price is fair price.

Has real estate boom that touched the lives of many and reigned for more than two years finally taking a downward curve? Has it hit the high and there is no way it can go up further and has to take a downturn? Will the real estate prices take a drastic dip or will the heat simply goes in for a cooling-off phase?

In the last few months, the property scene did calm down and it appeared rather subdued when compared to the aggressive domination that it had starting later half of the year 2004. For more than two years, a variety of factors fuelled the boom and while some ended up realising dreams of owning a dwelling of their own, others went for a second and in some cases third and fourth property too.

The price rise which was phenomenal set new records both in residential, commercial and agriculture lands and had people scurrying long distances to acquire a slice of the boom. In just three years, the entire suburbs have metamorphosed beyond recognition as they got dotted with series of apartments, row houses, commercial centres and started buzzing with unprecedented activity.

Those who lost out in the race were left dismayed while the ones who made it to the bandwagon sported a broad grin. However, a certain uncertainty did mark the whole boom and even while the buying spree was on, a question on how long does this boom last did kept bugging many.

And now ominous signs seem to have started looming over the realty horizons. The industry insiders accept, though a bit reluctantly, that the construction works have slowed down a bit, that the enquiries about their projects have come down and that they are a tad worried. “A lot of money, mostly borrowed, has been invested in projects and builders are naturally apprehensive at the slow down,” concedes one.

The rise in home loan interest rates and the sudden surge in the land prices appear to have made many investors wary about putting their money into the real estate while reports from across the country suggested a possibility of the property boom taking a knock in the days to come. However, many builders in the city look at this as a temporary phase and some accept the stagnation in property dealings on the ground that a correction of prices was taking place.

“There is a correction and we welcome it. Last two years saw all sorts of persons entering real estate industry and spoiling the scene. They are getting weeded out and once this process is over, the prospects will be much brighter,” says P.S.Reddy, President, Andhra Pradesh Real Estate Developers’ Association.

However, he refuse to see the trend as the property scene having a block. Till the boom hit the city a couple of years back, the annual price rise here used to be in the range of 10 per cent to 15 per cent.

The same however hit the roof in the last two years and the hope is that it will get restored with the present correction.

The builders point out that the mid-segment which look out for flats in the range of say Rs.1,800 to Rs.2,500 has not been that badly affected as the one in deluxe and super deluxe category beyond Rs.3,500 has been. This, perhaps could be due to the fall in NRI investment into city real estate. Agrees Mr. Reddy, “the rupee turning stronger has indeed affected the NRI investments”.

A section of builders relate the sudden dip in enthusiasm of property seekers with the beginning of education season. This is the usual trend in the period of March to June, they say. “This is the time when education of children keep the parents preoccupied and not investments in real estate,” it is pointed out.


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What is the source of this information. Could you please provide hyperlinks to the original article in The Hindu ?


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