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Spotight on Bidadi - Bangalore

Times Of India has 3 articles on Bidadi this Friday. The CM seems to be going full throttle in developing his constituency of Ramnagaram and the greater Bidadi areas. Devanhalli, Whitefield and other fringe areas will take a back seat as all attention is bestowed upon this areas. The articles are below

The proposed integrated townships in Bidadi, Ramanagara, Solur, Sathanur and Nandagudi in the outskirts of Bangalore is a huge initiative taken up by the State Government that's expected to decongest Bangalore and shift some economic activity to the outskirts of the city. It also promises development of residential, commercial, transportation and environmental infrastructure in these areas.
There are also plans to develop the Bangalore-Mysore corridor as a knowledge hub. A major precondition here is that any IT company which is taking space here should necessarily take space for accommodation of its employees. The idea is to see that Bangalore is not clogged. There will be schools, colleges, hospitals and other facilities in this township, thus making it a convenient place to work and live in. Apart from this, a heritage centre at Ramanagara, an industrial centre at Channapatna, an eco-tourism township at Srirangapatna near Mysore and a global apparel village planned in 500 acres of land in Ramanagara would facilitate the growth of manufacturing industry and lead to employment generation. A health city is also coming up in Ramanagara.
The Bidadi Township will be one of the largest townships in the country. The project will serve as a catalyst for community development, employment generation, business opportunities and much more. It will integrate housing with economic activity, making it an attractive investment hub. Development along this corridor will also help arrest rural to urban migration, creating newer markets and recreational facilities and better housing facilities too. With development diverted to these areas of the city's outskirts as well, it is likely to bridge the rural urban divide to a certain extent. When developed, the township will have large and ancillary industries and will provide the right environment to attract and retain talent that's so essential for knowledge-based industries like IT. The total land area is 9,684 acres out of which 2,725 acres are Government land.
A huge film city that's coming up near Bidadi promises to be a one-stop-shop for entertainment, business, movies, food and film production. The film city is approved by the Government of Karnataka and also recognised by the Department of Tourism and Information. Land has been allotted by the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB).
Scheduled for an opening in 2009, it will be the country's largest 21 cinema multiplex, with digital sound and a seating capacity for 5,000 people. Its state-of-the-art film studio will recognise and boost the universal passion of filmmaking with six mega studios featuring the latest film equipment. The film city will also have an exclusive helipad.
Another major attraction here would be a majestic 80-metre tall tower, with a revolving glass capsule that travels up and down the tower, flaunting a panoramic 360-degeree view of Bangalore city. Resorts, hotels, theme restaurants, food kiosks, a retail park and a snow land will be the other attractive features. It will also house an IT Park and technological centre. The film city project will generate employment for 8,000 people, locally.
Prospects for investors
It is not surprising then, that Bidadi has thrown open huge prospects for investors. Land prices have gone up and there are people who are looking for a second and third home here.
The Bidadi Township, to be developed on public-private partnership, would be connected via the satellite town ring road and intermediate town ring road as well as radial roads, developed by the Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA). Apart from this, the creation of world class facilities like the Peripheral Ring Road and the Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor (BMIC) will bring about increased connectivity between the city and its outskirts. Bangalore's IT brigade has also evinced interest in this knowledge corridor.
The satellite town ring roads (STRR), connecting the peripheral towns of Dobbspet, Magadi, Ramanagaram, Kanakapura, Anekal, Attibele, Sarjapura, Hoskote, Devanahalli, and Doddaballapur. The intermediate ring road will connect the intermediate towns of Nelamangala, Tavarekere, Bidadi, Harohalli, Thattekere, Sarjapura, Hoskote, Mallapura, and Aradeshanahalli.
Grade separators and interchanges will be constructed at the junction of the ring roads with national highways, state highways and major district roads. All the roads will have provisions for carrying OFC cables, sanitary lines, telephone cables and electricity cables.

2nd article

Realty boom around integrated townships
The five proposed integrated townships coming up near Bangalore are leading to a steep rise in realty prices in the areas around, says Leena Mudbidri

The successful international 'live, work, play' formula seems to have found a new home in Bangalore in the five integrated townships coming up around the city. The wellplanned townships will be self-contained seamlessly blending civic amenities, commercial spaces and residential layouts within the planned areas. The Rs 30,000 crores mammoth township projects will be at Bidadi on 9,684 acres, Ramanagaram on 4,103 acres, Sathanur on 16,232 acres, Solur on 12,525 acres and Nandagudi on 18,507 acres.
Though these townships will aim to offer almost the same basic conveniences that are available in the city, they will integrate certain economic activities such as manufacturing, service and business categories within the vicinity.
The locations and areas for the proposed townships were identified based on considerations such as least displacement to human habitations, least disturbance to forests and water bodies, least acquisition of valuable agricultural land, lower cost of land, far from existing developed locations and good connectivity.
"What makes the townships unique is, they will be based on integrated land use concepts, centering around one or more specific economic activity with concomitant residential components aimed at promoting workhome relationship", said Sudhir Krishna, BMRDA commissioner recently.
Connectivity to city
The proposed integrated townships will be connected via the Satellite Town Ring Road and Intermediate Town Ring Road as well as other radial roads. The Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor - the six-lane expressway to Mysore - too will provide a link from these two cities. Apart from these arterial roads, the townships will have access to both State and National highways, railway stations and the new international airport at Devanahalli.
These arterial roads are being constructed at a cost of Rs 6,000 crores.
Township near
This township is planned on 9,685 acres of land and is located 39 km from Bangalore City and four km from Bidadi on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. It will be close to Electronics City which now hosts over 30,000 workers. It will also be close to the KIADB industrial estates at Harohalli. It is planned as a residential-cumwork environment that will attract people to live and work within their residential areas and also help decongest Bangalore city.
The Bidadi Township would come up in the area comprising villages of Byramangala, Bannigiri, Hosur, K G Gollarapalya, Kanchugaranahalli, Aralalasandra and Kempaiahnapalya Kaval.
Realty boom
The focus of the realty scene will be on the periphery with these five integrated thematic townships coming up. Each of these townships will be built around a specific theme in concordance to the environs. Bidadi Township will be an IT centre. Ramanagara which is a proposed heritage hub will also be an IT centre if the demand from the Bidadi Township spills over. The others will be allocated depending on the demand.
Being away from the developed zones, the new satellite towns will focus on commercial development and stress will be on improving the local economy by creating more employment opportunities for the people living around these areas.
These satellite towns will have broad interior roads, power, water, sanitation, rain water harvesting facilities along with sewage water treatment plant and solid waste processing unit.
A large integrated development known as Film City is currently under construction at Bidadi. The development is proposed to have a leisurecum-entertainment section, residential area with villas and apartments, retail segment for shopping and commercial component with film studios and a film institute as well. Residential development has been proposed over 14 acres of the project area, and an IT Park will spread across four acres of the project area.
The proposal from a frontranking firm to set up a special economic zone in the textile and apparel sector at Doddamanugudde in Bangalore Rural district, over an area of 150 acres, has received inprinciple approval. A pharma company is also planning a Rs 165 crores campus on 200 acres of land in Bidadi, where it plans to set up an R&D centre.
With so much commercial activity taking place around this township it is only natural for a good scope for residential development to emerge too. "The realty market here is very bullish and presently we foresee potential for around 3,000 to 4,000 high-rise units and expect these figures to rise as the development takes place," says P Praveen Kumar, vice president - South India, consultancy and land advisory, Trammel Crow Meghraj Property Consultants.
Residential development along the belt is characterised by large public and private residential plotted layouts. Residential developments have been proposed by Karnataka Housing Board at Kengeri and Mandya with access from the expressway. Most of the layouts are currently in the development stage and are mostly concentrated in and around Bidadi. Plot sizes vary from 1,200 sqft to 4,000 sqft. Average capital values for plots range from Rs 700 per sqft to Rs 1,150 per sqft. Average capital values for apartments range up to Rs 1,600 per sqft.
Land price hike
Land prices along Bangalore-Mysore Road vary with respect to location. Land prices vary around Rs 3 crores per acre along the peripheral road developed as part of the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project. With proposals for development of BMRDA township at Bidadi, land prices in this location has witnessed significant appreciation with prices for converted (residential) land being quoted at approximately Rs 1 crore per acre. However, the proximity of the planned township to Bidadi town as well as its connectivity to the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project through the Satellite Ring Road enhances the potential for real estate development in this area. Prices quoted for agricultural land in Ramanagara are in the range of Rs 30 to 35 lakhs per acre. On conversion to non-agricultural use, the value of land would undergo 100 percent appreciation which would translate to approximately Rs 60 to 70 lakhs per acre.

3rd article
‘It will be the biggest IT hub in the country…’
The planned township at Bidadi for the IT sector will be a large-scale integrated development that will have state-of-the-art civic infrastructure, commercial spaces and the required social infrastructure to make it a ‘plug, play, live, learn’ knowledge hub. With 25,000 acres of built-up space, it promises to be a major IT destination. B S Manu Rao speaks to M N Vidyashankar, the State’s IT Secretary, to learn more about this venture

What's the IT agenda for Bangalore with these new townships on the anvil?
These five townships spell a major IT agenda for Bangalore. The Bidadi Township that will be developed first will be the first knowledge hub in the country with over 10,000 acres. There is no other IT park of this size in India. In fact, all IT parks in any given State won't come to 10,000 acres. Here, the concept is more than the usual plug and play. It is plug, play, live and learn. This means all social infrastructure such as educational institutions, parks, and shopping malls, apart from quality housing options, will be available along with the commercial spaces. Any IT organisation buying commercial space here will also have to necessarily buy residential accommodation too, to house their staff. The idea is to ensure selfcontained development so that Bangalore does not get clogged with people working in the knowledge hub in Bidadi staying here and commuting daily. All the heads of the organisations interested in options here like the idea of their staff being able to reach the workplace within five minutes of commuting time, thereby avoiding the travel-related stress.
What sort of infrastructure are you planning in the Bidadi IT Township?
There will be everything under the sun here. From 24/7 water and power to all facilities needed to make living comfortable. This is what makes this IT hub distinct. We are envisaging infrastructure worth Rs 50,000 crores for this township. The land here will be allotted to a private developer who will build the township on a publicprivate partnership formula. The land will be handed over by the BMRDA for development. We have developers from India, Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, and US in the race. The commercial built-up space available here is 25,000 acres. This should cater to the demand here till 2015 as we estimate.
On the connectivity front, the five townships will be connected to each other and the international airport through the planned Satellite Ring Road. The international airport will be 20 minutes from the Bidadi Township. Once the Metro Rail project is complete, I am sure it can be extended till this township. So in other words, this location has all the advantages of being in Bangalore city.
This will serve as a pilot project in the course of developing the other townships.
What are the prospects of the Bangalore-Mysore knowledge corridor?
Mysore is doing very well in IT. In 2006-07 the city recorded a growth of 90 percent in software exports. It will be a knowledge hub in its own right. The entire belt will be a knowledge hub with all these developments. In fact, we have asked for a non-stop air conditioned chair car train between Bangalore and Mysore. We have proposed to call it IT Express. Two trains in the morning and two in the evening to ferry people from this sector will boost the prospects even further. The railway authorities are looking into this. The travel time will be around 80 minutes only.
What role will the civic infrastructure, international airport and metro rail play in making this an IT hub in the region?
They play a significant role in the development of the city as an IT centre. If the Metro Rail is extended upto the Bidadi project, it will bring it into the city. Metro is a lifeline. The Satellite Ring Road, Peripheral Ring Road and the International Airport are selling points we use.
How does this city rate in terms of global standards as an efficient city for the IT industry?
This city is rated third in the world by global IT players. California is the first and Canada is the second. We see the third highest demand for commercial space from the IT sector in the world. The growth of private equity and venture capital funds flowing in is very high. There are around 1,900 IT sector firms in and around the city.
What will be your selling point at this year's annual Bangalore IT expo?
We will be showcasing all the major infrastructure projects including the knowledge hub at Bidadi. The ring roads, metro rail and international airport are on the list. The theme for this year's expo is innovation. We mean innovation in all spheres - be it software, telecom or networking.
IT Express on the
The State's IT Department has mooted the idea of two nonstop air conditioned chair car trains between Bangalore and Mysore. They are proposed to be called IT Express. Two trains in the morning and two in the evening to ferry people from this sector will boost the prospects of IT development further all along the Bangalore-Mysore belt apart from in Mysore. The railway authorities are looking into this. The travel time will be around 80 minutes only.
Efficient connectivity
to Mysore
The increased commercial activity between the two cities of Bangalore and Mysore has led to an increased demand for more transport services. Now 12 trains run daily between Bangalore and Mysore. A staggering two lakh people commute between Bangalore and Mysore every day. 1,000 buses from both public and private sectors ferry commuters between Bangalore and Mysore daily. Also, 500 tourist buses operate on the Bangalore-Mysore-Ootacamund route every day.


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