Monday, November 05, 2007

Mumbai builder arrested for land-grab

MUMBAI: The crime branch on Saturday arrested well-known builder Alpesh Ajmera (40) and Ram Narayan Singh alias Bacchi Singh, a henchman of underworld don Chhota Shakeel, in a land-grabbing case.

The anti-extortion cell is now looking for Alpesh’s brothers, Jiten and Rajesh. This is the third time Singh has been arrested in the past one month. He was earlier arrested in the Malad land-grabbing case and an extortion case.

Ajmera and Singh were produced before the Esplanade Metropolitan Magistrate and were remanded to police custody only till Sunday despite a plea for a 14-day custody. Both have been booked under charges of cheating, breach of trust, threatening and house breaking and theft.

Though the case dates back to 2005, it came to the crime branch only recently. The complainant, Shrishant Kalbag, who runs a supermarket in the western suburbs, had bought a plot measuring 2,000 sq ft near Bhavan’s College from Ajmera Builders for Rs 2.25 crore.

Deputy commissioner of police (crime) Deven Bharti said that Kalbag paid Rs 1.25 crore as down payment and applied for a loan for the rest. "Kalbag took legal possession of the plot from Ajmera and started work. But within a few months as prices shot up, Ajmera called Kalbag to his office in the presence of Singh and asked him to cancel the deal and surrender the keys of the shop," said inspector Vijay Salaskar.

When Kalbag refused, Jiten Ajmera whipped out his licensed revolver and threatened him with dire consequences stating that he was a relative of Lalit Dholakia, who is with the Dawood Ibrahim gang. When the threats did not work, on July 19 last year, Singh barged into Kalbag’s residence in Bandra along with five to six goons and forced him to open the door. Singh threatened Kalbag and his wife Heena with dire consequences if he did not sign the cancellation of deed. Kalbag approached the D N Nagar police who sat on his complaint after which he was forced to sign the cancellation deed, said Salaskar.

Later, when Kalbag went to his shop, he was shocked to see that goods worth Rs 30 lakh were missing. According to the complaint, Kalbag rushed to D N Nagar police station again but was shocked to see Ajmera chatting with the senior inspector and an encounter specialist. Singh, who was with Ajmera, told Kalbag, "Hamara koi kuch nahi bigad sakta"(Nobody can harm us). Kalbag approached the crime branch only recently after he read about Singh’s arrest.

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dharam said...

Dear sir,
This is very vague story here is real fact that Dharamraj singh doesnt know who is Heena kalbag.This so called complainant has apprx 38 cases of cheating pending against her and police is potraying her as innocent victim.she had booked the said premises from Mr alpesh ajmera,she applied for loan for making full and final payment but since she was in heavy debts which is known fact to the police till date, her bank loan got cancelled.consequently the deal got cancelled so as per law since the deal was registered they had to get the cancelation registered again.which they did it willingly.after some months she went to Addln commisioner in bandra then shri Bipin BIhariji,who in turn ordered D N Nagar police to inquire in the matter,here it is important to note that this complain was given by Smt heena kalbag in her own handwriting where there is no reference of Shri Dharamraj more thing which is of great importance is that Smt Heena kalbag has given affidavit in Hon. High court that she has no connection with the said property, before making complaint to D N Nagar.Then what is the question of forcefully evicting her,this fact was brought to notice of officials of D N Nagar.After seven months of this complaint to D N Nagar she goes to Crime Branch and gives a new story there which is totally contradictory to her own story here she adds name of dharamraj singh for reasons best known to her and crime more fact which was ommited was when the said cancellation was registered Mr kalbag was in constant touch with Mr Ajmera office regarding his wife was getting late to reach registration office which was recorded by inbuild recording system of Mr Ajmera office,time was delayed from 2.30 pm to 5 pm as per constant persuation of Mr kalbag which is evident from their conversation.All this is supported by real facts and proofs I dont understand this article which was published here kindly verify the facts..Any further queries please feel free to mail me on