Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Economic times turns to Astrologers to predict the future

Realty market may see major growth till April '08

NEW DELHI: Circa 2007 may have been an extended joyride for investors, but the stars spell a word of caution during 2008. And the general feeling among the cross-section of astrologers that SundayET spoke to was that while the first half of the year would be good for investors, the next half could be a bit choppy in parts due to unfavourable changes in planetary positions.

The idea behind the interaction with the astrologers was to get a sense of the investment outlook for stocks, real estate and commodities. On the brighter side, the year 2008 would symbolise leadership, dominance and position of authority for the economy. Aura reader S Bhattacharya foresees a positive outlook for the real estate sector. But he doesn’t rule out a few hitches either.

“The sector will continue to be strong till August 17 in Delhi and surrounding areas. But there will be a 18-20% decline post that. Prices are expected to be weak in all other areas, except for Mumbai and Goa, which will continue to remain strong. The bubble burst may happen in February 2009 but there is still room for optimism for real estate in 2008.”

Unlike last year, when the stockmarket threw up surprises with the Sensex touching the magical figure of 20,000, leading numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani predicts that the bourses will take a beating after June next year. “Gold is yellow just like the sun and can have a field year.

Real estate will continue to march upwards though the pace could reduce. In stocks, after August 15, India will enter its 62nd year and 62 adds up to 8 of Saturn. This does not favour stocks but it does favour real estate, farming and steel. One should also be careful about treading in commodities after August 15.”

His logic is that the year 2008 adds up to the number 1, which represents the sun and creative forces that give light and life. It symbolises leadership, dominance and position of authority.

Agrees astrologer Anurag Tripathi, “with the planetary position changing subsequent to June 2008, the financial markets will be hit. The market will end up in the range of 24,000 to 25,000 points in 2008.” According to him, the major astrological implications on the markets will be seen in December 2009 when the position of Saturn will change.

He expects a huge fall in December 2009 onwards and sees the market ending up from where it started its bull run. Leading US-based astrologer Ashok Motiani, however, feels that Sensex will touch the 21,000 mark before April-end 2008.

He anticipates a decline from May onwards, a trend likely to continue for several months. “There will be a major correction during this period. This correction is likely to be caused by liquidity squeeze, not only in India but all over the world.”

Mega IPOs and FIIs may have left the real estate sector smiling in the spotlight during 2007, but Motiani sees possibility of a mild correction next year. “Saturn has been transiting in Leo since July 16, 2007 and will continue to transit till September 10, 2009. During this period, real estate in India is likely to slow down. Prices will stop rising that’s for sure,” he says.

According to yet another astrologer Kewal Anand Joshi, the real estate market will see substantial gains till April 2008. He forecasts a downfall from April 15-July as there will be decline in foreign buying interest. “The market will be normal from September-December but ups and downs will exist,” he feels. For the yellow metal, the upward journey may continue as Joshi foresees it reaching Rs 12,000 in the New Year.

Gold scaled new highs with the price for 10 gms zooming to Rs 10,000 in 2007. Bhattacharya also cautions against a rise in petrol prices in 2008. “Prices will continue to rise in the commodities market. Agricultural items will also be expensive,” he says.

So while punters are dreaming of stronger positions on Dalal Street, it could be the gold-diggers who will have the last laugh on their way to the bank. After all, that’s what the stars have to say.

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