Monday, July 21, 2008

Sabeer Bhatia's new flop investment

Its been 10 years since Mr Bhatia sold his company to Microsoft but ever since that he's been trying valiantly to build the next sucess story. Unfortunately this new venture like few of his others is a dud from day one. Trying to create a semiconductor fabrication enviroment is easier said then done. Skilled manpower, water, electricty and partnerships with bechtel or similar likes are needed before the groundbreaking crememony. Unfortunately in India lured by the hype of the Sensex and PE firms these morons think they can sucker local Indians into buying apartments in an SEZ mirage. As with other mega deals I expect this one to fail in times to come. Pasvanath has nothing to claim in expetise apart from oiling policiticans and babu's. If this was a sunrise industry Ratan Tata, Premji or the Ambani's would be right at the forefront with solid business plans, not with real estate development hype companies. The ecconomic times press release as usual with no analysis is below

Parsvnath Developers on Wednesday joined hands with Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail, to develop a 11,138 acres knowledge city near Chandigarh, where the company will initially invest Rs 400 crore.

The project, Parsvnath Nano City, valued at Rs 50,000 crore (12 billion dollars), is promoted by the former Hotmail innovator Sabeer Bhatia, whose company holds the majority stake of 52 per cent. The Haryana government holds 10 per cent stake.

"We have already made an investment of Rs 41.5 crore for acquiring 38 per cent stake and the remaining will be invested as debt in future," Parsvnath Developers Chairman Pradeep Jain told reporters here.

To be developed in Panchkula, the project would be completed in two phases over the next 10 years, where the company would develop 5,000 acres in the first phase.

"We have already acquired about 1,500 acres and we are talking to various land owners for acquiring the rest," Jain said.

The realty firm would invest Rs 400 crore initially in the form of equity and debt in the project, he said.

All the stake holders of the project has formed a new entity, Nano City Haryana Ltd, which would raise funds from the capital market within 18-24 month for completing the project.

"We plan to take the company public in 18-24 months, but we have not finalised how much stake will be diluted or how much money we are going to raise," Jain said, adding the company would also dilute some stake to private equity investors.


ashish said...

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Ashish Abrol

Anonymous said...

Why don't you buy these properties for yourself. One more advice to you: remove your picture from your postings because the people who get hurt after taking your advice would be looking to beat the shit out of you.

ashish said...


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mallapottell said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why are you cussing Ashish. Let him live in his rosy world. I only hope he has not bought all the properties with loans. If he has, then he's the poster kid of subprime. His interest payments will be more then appreciation on the property and poor guy will be bleeding of a thousand cuts.

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