Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Nearly 80,000 forms sold on first day of Delhi housing scheme

Now this is a good way to make money by selling forms. 1L x 100 = 1crore. Not bad for a days work.

Times of India reports
NEW DELHI: Nearly 100,000 application forms were sold Wednesday for a Delhi Development Authority (DDA) housing scheme for the sale of 5,020 flats across the national capital.

The DDA Housing Scheme 2008 will provide over 5,000 flats way below the current market prices. The flats would be sold after a computerised lottery draw of the applicants.

“We sold about 80,000 forms today (Wednesday). Many of them were downloaded from our website,” DDA spokesperson Neemo Dhar told IANS. The application forms would be available till Sep 16.

“At least 10,000 forms were sold from the sales counter at Vikas Sadan (headquarters of DDA) and nearly 70,000 forms were sold from branches of various banks which are authorised to sell them,” a DDA official said.

“Nearly 15,000 forms were downloaded from our website,” the official added. The forms cost Rs.100 each.

The DDA is expecting more than 500,000 applications for the flats. “We have got nearly five lakh (500,000) forms printed but if they are sold out then we will get more printed,” Dhar said.

People thronged the sales counter to buy the application forms but many sensed that the odds were heavily against winning the draw.

“I was excited that I will be able to avail the opportunity to have a house in Delhi. But after hearing that five lakh (500,000) forms are being printed, the chances are very bleak,” said Ritu, a resident of Palam.


Realty Rider said...

The Mayawati Government is planning to distribute one lakh houses to the urban poor. The apartments will be given either free or for a nominal price-this year. The houses will be built under the Kanshi Ram Shastri Garib Awaz Yojna, which Ms. Mayawati had announced last month on the anniversary of the formation of the first BSP Government in the state in 1995. The houses will be compact with two-rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. "The Government will construct one-lakh houses for poor people every year. Each house, costing Rs 1.75 lakh, will be built in an area of 20 square metre," informed an official from the Urban Development Department. The priority will be given to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes with a special provision for the poor belonging to upper castes, shelter-less widows and the handicapped.For more view-

Anonymous said...

Realty Rider: What is your point?
Is this good or bad for the housing market?

mallapottell said...

you are pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Usually pretty women are used by companies in their marketing campaigns to further their cause. I would rather look at the message, instead of the person.


mallapottell said...

she looks genuine to me., though she falls into the category 'cut $ paste' journalist. whatever, no one can deny that she is very pretty

mallapottell said...

Nancy has economic advisers. I have seen her in the company of Robert Vadra, who is a vvip person. I trust her judgment on real estate.

Param said...

Really huge amount of form sold out. The main reason behind it is that the by the help of DDA housing scheme people will get flats below the current market price.

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Blogger said...

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