Thursday, March 05, 2009

CNBC gives financial advice

I wish someone in India can compile coverage of the moronic analysts on CNBC India.


shailesh said...

Mumbai: The Reserve Bank of India on Thursday said it may launch a housing start-up index, based on newly built residential units in urban India , on a quarterly basis.
The Indian central bank plans to set up a committee to oversee the exercise.
The development of such an index is one of the major recommendations of a technical advisory group, constituted by the banking regulator to suggest a methodological framework and institutional arrangements for regular compilation of the Housing Start-up Index.
Higher demand for housing has a positive impact on sectors such as steel and cement. Besides, the construction sector employs millions of workers.

Banking | RBI plans to start housing start-up index

Now if government just published all Housing transactions with name and price information.

Bharat said...

I loved this video :))

CNBC is full of buffoons. Pompous sounding and bombastic buffoon granted..but nevertheless buffoons. The worst amongst them is Jim Cramer and the jokers on fast money..

A recent video I saw, they were laughing at Marc Faber for his foreign accent, saying he sounds and looks like the bad guy in James Bond movies!!

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