Thursday, April 30, 2009

Will garbage dumping grounds affect real estate prices ?

I'm surprised Mundwa is chosen as a garbage dumping site as it is close to the city and adjacent to Kalyani Nagar and Wanawori. i guess now you can be close to the IT parks, airports and the garbage dump as well.

Source: The Indian Express Finally, two new garbage dump options
Mundhwa And Digraswadi, Finally, Two New Garbage Dump Options
Municipal Corporation proposes to cap Urali Devachi site and move on.

Mundhwa and Digraswadi could be come the new garbage dumping sites for Pune city. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has shortlisted them as alternative sites to replace Urali Devachi, which it hopes to cap in a one year's time.

The upcoming area of Mundhwa, chosen for many future urban infrastructure projects, is around 6 km from the city while Digraswadi is in Shirur taluka, about 30 km away.

Following an agitation by villagers of Urali Devachi, Principal Secretary of Environment Valsa Nair had asked the PMC to cap the site and suggest, within 15 days, an alternative.

The PMC submitted the plan to the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) on Monday. "The MPCB will have to ensure that the plan is implemented in the timeframe," Nair said.

MPCB regional officer P K Mirashe said the old site of 43 hectares will be capped. However, the site at Phursungi adjacent to the old site will be in use.

"Besides the Mundhwa and Digraswadi sites, 13 more locations in the district are being assessed as garbage treatment sites," said Mirashe.

According to the plan submitted, the PMC will take precautionary measures while caping he site. The area will get a proper effluent treatment system and be sprayed with chemicals to ensure an insect-free environment. The plan also mentions tackling of frequent fires by parking two fire engines at the site. An RCC water tank and water tankers will be deployed daily, said Mirashe.


Anonymous said...

Sad bears have found no other news today :-(

Cheers the bulls are slowly but firmly charging !!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you purchased a 1000 Sq ft pigeon hole apartment for 1 crore rupees on loan and are now your neighbour moved in similar one for 70 lakhs.

Love thy neighbour dude.. :)

Well bulls always charge.. but end up banging their own masters..

A bear news for you.. DLF profits.. (one of the stocks you must be having!!) is down by 93%.

Enjoy in your overpriced pigeon hole.

Vik said...

I'm tired of posting negative news so I thought maybe a change is required. Now just tell me if Mundwa will appreciate 50% in the next two years. I'm interested in buying an apt facing the garbage dump.

Anonymous said...

Pal keep dreaming, Ranbaxy has posted loss, do you expect them to reduce the prices for drugs. Keep dreaming.

I have purchased now after i got my price and I am sure by diwali the prices will go up.

Bulls are back.

Anonymous said...

Mundwa, I think the bears will have to buy opposite the Garbage dump other properties will be out of their reach

Anonymous said...

Vulture where r u? R u still there or already packed your bags.

50% down, what a joke, I just cant stop laughing when I see your punch line. You are an educated fool blinded by your greed. Markets will not move by few jokers posting their wishes over here.

Wait and watch I will keep comming to take your pants off.

Next week bears will see real action by the bulls in BSE.

HB (Housing Bull)

Anonymous said...

@ HB (Housing Bull) 5:14 AM - since you cant stop laughing you must be posting from mental asylum.

When Vulture puts some comments he explains in details with the references. Spend some time trying to understand the details. You need to check his past posts before posting the flippant remarks.

Vik said...

I will moderate comments which make a mockery of the whole bears/bulls debate. If you don't have a analysis on why prices will go up, then stop posting one liners which have no meaning. If you care please comment by all realty stocks are down 80-90% ? Are stock market investors so dumb to miss a bargain ? Prices have corrected and will not go up in the short run. In the long run, who knows. You are downright stealing people's hard earned money by giving false advise.

Kapil said...

I have been telling this room since January that do your home work and look for opportunities.

I said utmost 5-10% downside is possible. 50% will never happen.

I loaded lot of Indian stocks at that time. I told you guys India and China market will be fine. They are 30% up since them.

Do not make your decision based on some IRRATIONAL guys who are thinking 50% cut WILL happen.

India is developing country prime time is just ahead of us.

Bharat said...

Dear Vik, Vulture and the rest,

I can see that this blog is getting besieged by trolls and provocative and bizarre claims are being hurled around without any rationale or justification...

My advice is not to get provoked. Its just a sign of desperation by the so-called bulls.

Bulls are known to lower their heads and rampage..but in the end its the vulture who gets to pick the pieces of bulls who have expended their energy and lie out in the open. I think a critical distinction needs to be made here. Most of the folks here are not bears, but they are bargain hunters, value pickers, them what you will.

If the bull is even barely alive and breathing..the vultures will patiently wait and watch from the high ground until the bull dies. As history records, no bull has lived forever. Bulls have always been consumed by vultures. But, vultures have never been consumed by bulls ;)

People who think that next the markets will go for a bull run and then keep running are greater fools. They have still some lessons to learn and hanging around in this board might just help them save some money :)

Be careful there market is poised to dive from here...

Anonymous said...

The thinkers who predicted early on many aspects of this financial crisisNouriel Roubini | May 1, 2009

Time magazine has kindly included me in its annual list of The 100 Most Influential People in the World. I do not know if I deserve to be in such a list as there are so many others who influence so much of our world. But I certainly recognize that there were a small but significant number of economists, thinkers and analysts who – early on – predicted many of the risks and vulnerabilities that eventually led to this crisis. In many ways I simply connected the dot in these different strands of thinking and warnings.

~ It is important to recognize that a small but significant number of thinkers were willing to think outside the box and were aware of many risks and vulnerabilities. These thinkers - like myself - were not Dr. Dooms; they were rather Dr. Realists, analytically rigorous and intellectually honest and willing to engage in critical thinking rather than follow the herd of the easy consensus. ~ Raghu Rajan presented one of the earliest and sharpest analyses of the agency problems and incentive distortions deriving from compensation schemes in financial institutions;

~ We are still in a severe and deep and protracted U-shaped recession that – unlike the forecast of the current consensus economists – will not be over in Q3 but will last until the beginning of 2010.

~ The toxic mess and damage caused by this leverage-driven financial crisis and economic recession – including a brutal shedding of employment that shows no sign of letting up – will take much longer to truly heal the financial markets, the financial institutions and the real economy.

Vik said...

Its a sound of desparation from folks who are unable to make EMI payments with increased interest rates of excessive loans. If someone has cash, there is no harm in buying any apt be it 1cr or 100cr. Why would I grudge Tendulkar or Ambani from making extravagant purchases ? These guys don't need loans. When average joe's take big loans and now are falling behind in payments, those are the folks which buy from the builders. Not Ambani or Tendulkar.
The assumption that one should buy because prices will go up in the future just shows the absolute lack of convictin in the bulls. The fundamentals of high prices are challenged. If there are no buyers at these levels, how can there be buyers at higher levels. Only a genius like HB will buy using loans. If there are more HB's who are using leverage, we are creating a new class of sub-prime HB'ers. Don't forget where you read it first. On this blog.

Anonymous said...


You have a feeling that the bull is tired, that is your feeling and a lot of people like you have the same feeling. The big question is WHY? Just because you have not brought house/stock when it 1/3rd the price you feel that the bull is tired and vulture is waiting to eat. Remember the vulture will always get the left over, in this case the Garbage dump facing flat at Mundhwa.

Bulls will come back with Vengeance for the fact God willing the worst is over now only positive will happen. We will wait and watch.

Bulls will take charge and the bears will get into the shell, same will happen over here. Prediction of 2007 going wrong will happen again in 20009.

Guys like you have goofed up, in 07 and will goof up again this time.

Sitting in US, reading books and making judgment is like the story which we all learnt when we were young about the Scholar who lost his life because he did not know to swim, whereas the boatman despite less knowledge got saved because he exactly knew what was needed.

Just by posting what suits the bears do not tell the true story. If you guys have the balls sell your house now and then talk about the 50% fall in RE.

Grow up and ask the hungry Vulture who is hungry since 2007(just flying around and tired) will fall any day down and will decay and perish leaving lot of bears frustrated.

Where there is a hill, valley follows. I am not saying RE will never crash, it has already corrected but not crashed especially in Mumbai. Crash will happen but not now. It will take some more time. Still there is lot of steam 

Prices of property will only go up in Mumbai, minimum 50% in three years.

Dont time, dont time, dont time.

Bindas Bhai

Kapil said...

"Remember the vulture will always get the left over, in this case the Garbage dump facing flat at Mundhwa"

That is exactly my feeling too.

Guys, I am not saying bull is back and you should buy. WHAT I AM SAYING is worse time( Last Q of 2008) is over. 50% cut will never happen.

Indian politicians has lot of by black money and Real Estate is the only hiding place for them.

The Boss said...

The bears are just pretending that other side represents irrational bulls. We never asked to go buy homes even if you don't afford to make EMI payments or your job is at risk. But what about the silly advice being dished out which is essentially like even if you can afford to buy a home, continue to live on rent because prices are about to crash by 50%? That's junk advice. It is this irrationality that is at the core of the debate. Bears like to fudge this real topic of debate by constantly invoking the imaginary housing bull looking for 100% gains in coming years. It is hard to find these type of bulls these days.

Anonymous said...

@The Boss 11:02 AM "continue to live on rent because prices are about to crash by 50%? That's junk advice." What about your own advice? You proclaim that you know how the IT industry works but so far you have avoided answering the following question. Stop all the gibberish if you are trying to influence the gullible buyers.

Once again repeating the question.

@The Boss April 25, 2009 5:39 AM

"I have a very good view, you may call it ringside seat, of what goes on in IT industry"Can you please explain from where the IT companies will generate revenues? All the advanced/developed economic countries US, UK, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Italy, France, Singapore, New Zealand etc are officially in recession.

The sectors i.e. Retail/Automobile/Manufacturing/Banking/Finance/Insurance on which the IT industry is dependent are deep in red. They are just in survival mode. All the economic indicators point to long term recession. The IT industry doesn’t work in isolation. If you think that this is a temporary lull then why the IT companies are laying off the experienced employees, declaring the policy of "Zero Tolerance". Why are they adopting the easiest way of reducing the cost i.e. slashing the pays of employees instead of focusing on improving the qualities of services, developing new products?

Anonymous said...

Hi Boss, nice to see you here as well

Mumbai is a pathetic place for real estate. The price is not justified by the size and amenities on offer. Only saving grace is good water and electricity

Bulls and bears seem to be banging their heads together.

The truth is somewhere in between.


Anonymous said...

I didn’t know the desperate bull (ok, I am not sure about builder or bull) will become gay. Guys you can go for peepshow not here.

What proof you need, if instead of selling properties some stupid are wasting time here. Well if there are no buyers they will engage into such lewd acts.

Now some advice pundits are giving sermons about rational pricing in irrational market.
If you are long term investors then you can buy stock any time because after 20 years the prices
will be definitely appreciated. Do you understand the basics of “time value of money” & opportunity cost?

So guys let it fall then only pick up, minimum 50% price cut is guarantee.


Anonymous said...

What vulture is saying is very true.
Prices not increasing it self means that they are falling w.r.t. time.
One needs to have more strength and will power to say NO.
There is too much supply of garbage facing properties both in Mumbai and Pune, hence the bulls have no reason to run further.