Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rotten apples on the blog

Readers and folks who comment on the blog like Priti, Shyna, Vandana, Abeer , the good BB, Retired old man, Bharat, Shriniwas, Shubh Chintak  have  noticed some several off-topic, irrelevant and offensive comments on the blog. I can turn on the moderator mode, however the feedback loop of posting a comment and seeing it visible on the blog immediately is lost. At the end of the day I can clean up the posts and comments.  BB or whoever is masquerading as BB will eventually tire out by entering the CAPTCHA characters, but  if his only goal in life is to troll this blog 24x7 and keep slandering, I will be forced to turn the moderator mode on and then reject all his comments. 

What do you guys think ? I think we have a good discussion going on prices, areas, builders and the collective wisdom of people is helping everyone including myself. I had no idea about the price rise in the DDA cluster of Mayur Vihar, so keep up the good work and let us all keep posting. Even the casual reader has something to contribute so don't be shy. We all are looking for insights from the real world, not bogus planted articles by TOI , Jones Meghraj and others. 


Anonymous said...

CRISIL's is coming up with their RE report tomorrow, let us wait and watch.

Cool Head said...

I have never posted any off topic comments, however I find that some of these comments have been removed by the moderator, for whatever reasons. If you do this it will stop people from freely posting their views. It is better that you allow posts and then clean up the comments that are really irrelevant or personal/hate type posts.

Vik said...

If I have accidentally deleted any topical comments, my apologies. It is a challenge to deal with grown ups who act like kids and plaster the web with all junk

Cool Head said...

OK, that's fine with me.