Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Group buying using Twitter

I'm not sure but am wondering if we have use Twitter to post information on group purchases.

For e.g a post can be

Buy : Pune : 3 Bed : Kalyani Nagar : 50L


Sell : Bangalore : 2 Bed : Jayanagar : 60L

I guess we can gain some traction if there are people and maybe go for group purchases.

I've created a twitter page IndiaBubbleApt


jbr said...

you could do something like stocktwits for real estate - see

you could also have people post with hashtags #indiare, #india-re-mumbai to be able to aggregate.

Just alternative thoughts... whatever works.

Anonymous said...

The least you could have done Vik was to give a realistic price in your example.
2 BHK for 60 Lakhs in Bangalore!!!!

Vik said...

remember a seller is always unrealistic. If you see my pune price, the current quoted price is atleast 70L for a 3 bed in kalyani nagar in Pune :)

Vik said...

Stocktwits sounds like a good idea. let me explore further

Anonymous said...

British Telecom to move back 4k jobs
17 Jul 2009, 0350 hrs IST, Pankaj Mishra & PP Thimmaya, ET Bureau

Print EMail Discuss Share Save Comment Text:
BANGALORE: UK’S biggest phone firm British Telecom (BT) will move back some 4,000 call centre jobs outsourced to Indian service providers, as the
Coming to terms with lay-off
Crisis time: Keep staff motivated
Job-cuts: A blessing in disguise
Cope with recession

company seeks to ensure more employment opportunities for British workers and protect jobs of those employed directly by the company.

Both Infosys and Tech Mahindra, which count BT as one of their top customers, are expected to see a decline in back office outsourcing business from the phone firm.

A BT spokesman confirmed that his company will scale down third-party call centre staff based in India by around 4,000. “As per our policy, Infosys does not comment on client engagements or speculation,” an Infosys spokesperson said.

A Tech Mahindra spokesperson said: “We do not comment on specific customer engagement. We remain a strategic partner with BT across multiple service offerings.”

Also Read
→ India Inc’s top talent gets 17% salary hike
→ McGraw-Hill cuts 550 jobs
→ 6% firms reduced salary in 2009-10
→ Bangalore youngsters on 'sabbatical' to plan career move

“BT Retail can confirm it is reducing its reliance on third-party call centre staff in India. By next year, approximately 4,000 less people will be contracted in India than was the case in early 2008,” said a BT spokesman.

Explaining the reasons for bringing jobs back to the UK, he added that with improved customer service, fewer support staff are required by BT. “Some work will. however. be moved back to the UK and given to full-time BT employees who have been affected by cuts elsewhere in these challenging times. BT has a responsibility to find work for its permanent workforce and this is just one measure it is taking to protect its direct workforce,” he added.
Experts such as Bob McDowall, research director at Tower Group UK, said that as more offshore outsourcing contracts come for renewal, more British customers could bring back jobs in order to address the local sensitivities.

“This is certainly a manifestation of protectionism,” Mr McDowall said. “There is growing populist resentment at jobs going away from the UK. Companies with highly visible brands such as BT are sensitive to populist consumer sentiment because of the impact it could have on their sales,” he added.

Unemployment in the UK is now around 2.4 million, about 7% of the working population. This adds to social security costs and is an additional financial burden on the UK taxpayers.

As reported by ET earlier, Infosys could see revenues from its top customers go down to less than $300 million this financial year from around $381 million last year as BT restructures its operations and scales down information technology spend in order to cope better with the recession.

BT Global Services, which accounts for around half of Infosys’ BT revenues, had to write off nearly $500 million against inflated profits, the phone company announced last month. In November last year, BT also announced around 10,000 job cuts globally, as part of the company's cost cutting measures.

Infosys Technologies share closed at Rs 1795.10, showing a gain of 0.23% on BSE, while Tech Mahindra ended the day at Rs 705.30, gaining 0.82%.

Anonymous said...

so what do you say the prices of property will go up or down with this news.

Anonymous said...

I think you should request BB to come back, without BB this blog is not adding any real value.

BB if you are reading my post kindly let the forum know the current situation on Pune/Mumbai RE market.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why don't you add your own thoughts on your research.

shailesh said...

Sky-high plans

The five-year real estate boom that ended in a whimper in mid-2008 was symbolized by announcements of several ‘tallest’ projects by developers. Many of these are yet to take off for a variety of reasons. Mint presents a status report

Despite the challenges and the current economic environment, developers continue to be optimistic about such projects—as is evident in the January announcement of a new project, a 100-storey tower in Wadala, Mumbai, that will be built at a cost of Rs2,500 crore.
The project is being built with the blessings of MMRDA. Vimal Shah, managing director of developer Akruti City Ltd, which is one of the nine firms to express interest in developing the project, said his firm was keen to be part “of an iconic project” and that MMRDA’s involvement would make requisite clearances easier to obtain.
The 158m-high Shreepati Arcade (45 storeys) that opened in 2001 in central Mumbai took a little less than five years to build. The builder, Shreepati Group of Companies, is now developing an 81-storey building, and managing director Rajendra Chaturvedi says the process has only got tougher. “The number of clearances (a developer has to obtain) have only increased now. It took us 15 months to get the civil aviation ministry approval alone.”

Anonymous said...

Salarpuria greenages launched more than 1.5 years back and even before informally has been 'relaunched' today with a price of 3190. A friend of mine had bought it for 3700 after much bargaining last year when builder was quoting nothing less than 3900 and luckily for him with the downturn he pulled out of the project with only loss of the 30K he paid upfront for booking.This project near silk board jn. will not see the light of day for minimum 5 years at this rate.

Anonymous said...

Citi sees credit deterioration in India in Q2

"Card net credit loss rate increased to six per cent from 3.4 per cent in the prior- year period. Credit deterioration was particularly apparent in the card portfolios in India and Korea," the firm said”.

Anonymous said...

Checkout –, first of it’s kind in India and probably even in the world!

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