Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Macro Markets and Micro Markets poll

Lets take a poll of where bloggers would like to buy (apt/plot/independent house) and at what price. Also lets list the reasons for the selection. It could be close to work-place, relatives or snob value for all you know. Also list whether you are NRI or not and if salaried or businessman. If you have multiple choices lets list them as well. Agents like BB please stay off commenting on the thread. Let me start

1a. Mumbai apt  Vile-Parle(East)     8k(current price 12k)  - NRI - salaried - work/relatives
1b. Pune       apt  Kalyani Nagar        4k (current price 5k)   -  NRI - salaried - work/snob value


Anonymous said...

1c. Mumbai apt Chembur(East) 7k(current price 9-11k) - NRI - salaried - work and parents

Anonymous said...


East Delhi:
Mayur Vihar and other Vihars:
All are overpriced. Looking at 50% drops including Noida.

In fact same for all of Delhi including Gurgaon. People are smoking dope in India now that they are thinking these bubble prices to be real. If these prices were real, inflation would be 400%.

Same holds for all satellite cities of Delhi: Meerut, Faridabad and the highway going all the way to Chandigarh and Panchkula.

Prices all over will fall by 50% minimum.

Anonymous said...

Delhi and its suburbs:

Looks like a massive conspiracy in the NCR region. Realtors/RE Dealers seem to be the major culprits.

With time I think 80% of the RE dealers in NCR would vanish and will be looking for a real job. Same with a lot of loan officers, construction people etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon above:
Why are you forgetting the builders. They are the ones who are sitting on huge pile of money and are used to taking 300% profit now days. No compromise on profits.

Most of them I think must be sending money to Swiss banks as they also know this thing will not last as it is too good to be true. Most will scale down, ask for bailout or declare bankruptcy BUT their fortune is safe in overseas banks.

Venkatesh Babu K R said...

Bangalore Jayanagar 5K (Don't know current price) - Indian - Salaried

Jey said...


There are a ton of online survey sites.
Ex: Surveymonkey

Plse set up a survey over there and post a link in your blog. That will help in getting data quickly.

Also will allow you to get feedback on multiple cities as well.


Anonymous said...

New Delhi Prithviraj Road 2K (Current Price 20K) - Retarted - Retired - Booze & Beer.

-retired old man

Anonymous said...

1d. Delhi Patparganj max can pay 3.5K (current price 4.5K) - Indian - salaried - work and proximity to basic amenities.


Anonymous said...

but what is the point of what price we would liek to buy at ? we need to know the ground reality, which seems that prices are high again unfortunately :(

Vukks said...

Mumbai Vile Parle West
willing to pay 10 k n 25% load
current 12-15 k with ~40% load (super built up)

buying within year


Anonymous said...


What do you have to say on this post, i just found while going through.


People like you from last two years are screaming on top of your voices about the crash in property prices. What happened barring few correction here and there?

People like you are responsible in influencing people for not buying and you can see what has happened.Are you going to pay for the opportunities they have lost.

Wait and watch in couple of months people will start buying houses because of fall in interest rates.

No external force can influence the market not even the brokers or jerks like you. Market moves purely on demand and supply and affordability.

Demand is huge and the same is also visible in this forum. Jerks like you can only keep dreaming about creating an asset.

Normally in bear run the bears make money but loosers like you sit on the fence and keep waiting for life long.(nothing personal when i say you)

Keep cribing through out your life guys like you will pay rent thru your noses in coming times.

India story although shaken but still strong it is only a matter of few months thing will look up again.

I am a salaried person myself and strongly beleive that only one thing which can mess India's growth story is Mayawati becoming the PM. If this happens Jerks like you will be right.


Anonymous said...


Now what kind of message are you giving to buyers like us. You have failed Vik, you have only misleaded us through this horrible site of yours.

Why dont you say sorry and shut this fucking site.

Anonymous said...

The crisis which was triggered due to CDOs going awry due to default on subprime residential mortgages has entered into a new phase. The current crisis is of

- Prime residential mortgage
- Alt A & Option ARM loans
- Commercial real estate mortgages
- Reduced purchasing power due to loss of pay

- Systematic Bank failures
- Reduced credit availability to the shoppers due to strict regulation for credit card companies.
- Baby boomers worried about retirement savings due to hit on 401(k) and increasing Medicare costs

- Rising Unemployment: One out of every five people is either underemployed or unemployed. The unemployment rate is 20%

Prime residential mortages were considered safe but recently they are constituting the major ( 27 percent of all U.S. loans ) chunk of the foreclosure. This is driven due to rising unemployment. The official figure of 9.4-9.6 is the twisted one because it doesnt take into consideration the people who are underemployed or the people who have given up job searh after prolonged time. The real unemployment rate is 20% Please check following reference.

1. Visual Guide to Unemployment.

2. Part-Time Workers Mask Unemployment Woes

3. Unemployment Numbers: A Primer

Since there are very less new jobs, the industry that was dependent on younger generation for quick sale has started shifting focus to the group having ample money in the kitty e.g. retirees/ baby boomer but this segment has become more prudent since it can not depend on 1. rising stock market 2. home equity loans ( using home as an ATM machine) and much worried about the finances Ref .

There is going to be substantial reduced spending due to "Underwater Home". The home owners having mortgages worth more than the value of the home. The number is set to increase to 48%. This is a staggering number. Underwater’ Mortgages to Hit 48%

The problem is going to get compounded to due to reset in interest rates for Alt A and Option ARM loans.

The consequences are very severe for all the sectors.

Coming back to IT/ITeS business, the clients are asking the vendors to give the discount of almost 32-35%. The size of the pie is becoming smaller and there are more competitors. So the IT companies to retain their profit margin have already started trimming the costs guessed it right...employment salaries....The IT companies have started applying every trick in the book to lay off employees. Recently (Accenture, Mahindra Satyam ) the focus has been on the senior employees i.e. Senior Manager, Group Manager, Engagement manager - non billable resources ...and the more has to follow. The new employees are getting peanuts. So it is anybody’s guess that the prices for the big ticket items e.g. houses will crash.

The bankers, brokers, builders, speculators can not sell houses/flat among themselves to jack up the prices artificially and hold it for forever. It is the genuine buyer who will be dictating the terms.

Anonymous said...

I was viewing a video by Peter Schiff noted economist and famous for having rightly predicted the current recession in the US.

He informs us that he has been renting his house for the past 6-7 years and CONTINUES to rent. He maintains he has saved enough money by renting to be able to afford to buy a house after they have declined so much. But why bother? he claims houses are still high and will climb down quite a bit, as well as why bother with things like property taxes, maintenance costs, federal taxes and the like..

When he can rent save money and WAIT till it really makes a lot of financial sense to buy.

And that is from a person who runs a fund, has been applauded the world over for getting his predictions right. I think if people have been waiting for the past 4 years for the markets to fall and have been renting houses instead because of Vik, then Vik needs to be applauded as another Peter Schiff and felicitated with a medal or two..instead of being castigated.

I do not mind renting and living like this for the next 4 years and saving my money for rainy day...rather than loose it to cheating and lying morons who will create an artificial case to take my money away and saddle me with EMI slavery for the rest of my life. I am very serious about this...BB, Shriniwas and others are a menace to society, they are even more dangerous than criminals. Since, they are doing mass destruction of people's savings with their advice.

shailesh said...

Dilip, - Vik has never posted anything that says do not buy. Go and read his posts. All he has said is his opinion, which seem to match to many evidences.

Why don't you blame all realtors and builders who have mislead population. See how many misleading posts are published by so called genuine analysts like Mr. Anuj Puri of JLLM. These guys are paid by the building industry, they have inherent conflict of interest. Vik does not have that conflict. Many were swayed by these so called analysts and have invested lakhs of Rs as investment properties in far flung areas. They are all going to be holding NPA for many many years.

This is open forum. I don't think anyone would change mind just because they read something on some blog.

shailesh said...

Redevelopment of old buildings in Navi Mumbai

THE LONG wait is finally over. As promised by Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik last week, Chief Minister Ashok Chavan sanctioned some key, long-pending issues that were bothering residents of Navi Mumbai for long.

This is most funny. Now Navi Mumbai has god Old Mumbai problem. The thing I don't understand is, why residents of these buildings shell out decent money in maintenance to keep the place in proper condition. The whole getting things for cheap and free runs so deep in indian psyche. They will let the place get rotten, and then expect politicians to increase FSI and builders to give redevelop and give them free new houses. As I understand from BB that now everyone is crorepati, can't they even take care of basic house issues.

shailesh said...

Now, builders can't hold on to plots for long

I am seeing lot of supply side response coming in Mumbai lately. It seems ine next 4 to 5 years there will lot of supply of land to develop/redevelop. Granted all will not happen quickly, but just the fact that all this responses are coming in will impact home prices significantly.

shailesh said...

Govt weighs 3-yr lock-in on FDI in real estate

This, they said, will help them tide over the current liquidity crisis.

What Builders in liquidity crisis, Kabhi Nahi

shailesh said...

Investors may have lost one-third investment in real estate

Mumbai: "Investors have pumped in $25 billion into the Indian real estate market over the last three years but with land values having gone down they could have lost a third of the value of their investment,"said Deepak Parekh,chairman,HDFC, in a letter to shareholders.

Obviously, These investors did not find the right partner, like BB.

Anonymous said...


What crap are you posting, one hand you say media is aold and other hand you post news article which suits you. A$$ hole tell me how am i gaining with land value coming down. I am unable to get any descent flat with my budget.

Last three years guys like you are prediciting about the crash. Shame on you guys, chuts.


Anonymous said...

Gurgaon/Manesar region, 2500 psf, Indian, weekend home.

Venkat ND

shailesh said...

Dilip - I don't think this blog even existed 3 years ago. I probably came across this blog about 1 year ago.

For news, one has to be critical. There are some reports that tell facts Vs some other which are fiction. The point is to decipher fact from fiction. The links I posts are mainly either opinions for respected experienced individuals or fact about something happening which can not be denied.

My main focus has been mumbai market. The main issue in mumbai is hoopla created by likes of BB on scarcity of land and gap between demand and supply. On casual observation, one can see there is no open land in Mumbai, and the it is land locked due to geography. But the reality is different. The redevelopment of old building, far flung suburbs getting some infrastructure etc... are going to change things. The issue is everyone wants change to happen in few months. Lot of these take time.

BTW: I have never said do not buy house. I have only pointed out it does not make economic and financial sense. Ignore this at your peril.

Anonymous said...


If you want to buy a house, go for it. Buy two or three. Who is stopping you. Why are you blaming Shailesh and using bad language.

If you are in a hurry, go for it. The price declines in RE are not stocks. The kind of price that I'll buy at will come in 2-3 years time. That's when I'll see around 40-50% declines.

Btw, try to save your job and don't worry about housing as massive layoffs and salary reductions are coming to India.

Anonymous said...

guys..any idea of the prices of airoli.

Personally,I dont know how good a place it is.
Could anyone care to say what kind of place it is.



Anonymous said...

Good to hear, Job market is improving.

Hiring gains momentum in real estate and retail sector

Print article
Refer to a friend
2009-08-27 08:49:00 - India Inc's hiring activity picked up by 1.3 per cent in July with improvement in recruitment in IT, real estate and retail sectors, says a survey by job portal

. The Naukri's monthly ‘JobSpeak index' continued to move upwards and edged up by 1.3 per cent to 727 in July compared to 718 in June. On a three monthly moving average, the index inched up from 686 in June to 703 in July with industries including real estate, semiconductors, banking, auto and IT, witnessing an improvement, the survey said.
"The uptrend over consecutive months is encouraging. Improvement in hiring activity in lagging industries, such as IT, real estate, retail and auto, echoes optimism. However, continued increases in hiring activity over the next few months will indicate a turnaround in economic activity and in hiring," Info Edge, owner of, National Head Marketing and Communications Sumeet Singh said.

In June, the hiring activity had increased 8.1 per cent over the previous month. Recruitment activity in the IT industry remained in the green with hiring up by four per cent in IT-software, seven per cent up in IT-hardware and networking and three per cent up in ITeS and BPO. Hiring activity continued to soar in pharma and biotech industry, with the sector index climbing up 10 per cent. Moreover, hiring in auto and auto ancillary, real estate and retail, also went up by 11 per cent, 16 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively. However, telecom did not do well in the month with the sector witnessing a drop of 10 per cent in hiring in the month.

Among cities, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad saw an improvement in the reviewed month, while Bangalore, Chennai and Pune saw a dip, in hiring activity. Delhi-NCR saw hiring activity move up by seven per cent in July as compared to June, while in Mumbai it picked up for a second consecutive month, albeit marginally by three per cent. Hiring activity in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune were down by four per cent, six per cent and one per cent, respectively.The index has been calculated on the basis of job listings added to the website month on month with July 2008 been taken as the base month with a score of 1,000 and the subsequent monthly index is compared with data for July 2008. The data has been sourced from and it reflects job listings and therefore hiring trends on the site.

At Maa Properties, we have in-depth knowledge of property markets, extensive experience, specialized skills and resources necessary to provide an entire range of reliable and responsive property management services. No matter how far away you are currently located, our online services enable you to take charge of things and efficiently handle all property-related transactions back home.

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome all the community members living world wide to our real estate portal.(NRI)For More Information about Real Estate Hyderabad, India

Rushabh said...

Hyderabad - Kondapur, hiteccity, gachibowli - expecting 2500 per sft

Anonymous said...

Decoupling may paint rosy picture about the Indian economy rise & strong GDP.
But it is not going to help real estate any way.
Who are the major buyers for real estate? IT/ITS, BPO & service industry. When worlds developed economies are facing trouble, IT industry also has missed it’s target.[refer Nascom comment] . Currently Job cut & salary cut is the only happening thing in IT.
When there is no job, why people want to migrate to Banglore? If people will not migrate, who will buy the costly real estates?
As per the majority of US economist, the current crisis will reach to bottom in 2nd Quarter of 2009, then it will remain stagnant till year end, then gradual recovery will start in 1st or 2nd quarter of 2010. As recovery will be slow it will take some more time to reach to it’s normal level. As per Montek Sing[head of India’s Planning commission] it will take 18 months to improve the Indian economy. IMF also has downgraded the world economic outlook for 2009.
NOTE: 2007 was the top of economic boom, so that price level is still not in near term.

The CREDAI, price information said that Ad-Karnatak, there is no restriction on advertisement as there is difference between dream & fact. To know fact about real estate prices you have to visit real estate companies and then negotiate the price, in 3/4 setting you will get the 20-30% discounted price.

So guys let it fall then only pick up, minimum 50% price cut is guaranty.


Anonymous said...

People thinking about 50% crash in real estate prices are idiots. I agree world is in recession and things are not good but that's not the end of the world.

DO NOT EXPECT 50% FALL, EXPECT 20-30% FALL IN METRO AREAS and 30-40% FALL IN NEW TOWN SHIPS far away or suburban areas.

People still need to eat, entertain and travel and IT companies are NOT going to CLOSE THEIR SHOPS completely.

I agree there will be few layoffs and prices will fall but they won't fall 50%,

1 CR. HOME will not be available for Rs.30 lakhs in 2010 as some posters are suggesting. 60-70 Lakhs prices target will be more appropriate (40%).


Please let me explain why:

1) Indian's population is ever growing, its growing at the rate of 2% per annum. That will make our population 2 BILLIONS by 2040. We need to build housing for all these 900 million people whom we are going to add in our population in next 30 years.

2) Due to high number of population and educated population all educated youth's will prefer to stay in metro area's in good housing complexes. (No wonder why everyone wants to stay in metros like Mumbai and Delhi) in India.

3) Unlike United States real state Indian housing industry contains HUGE CASH MONEY mostly BLACK MONEY.

I have seen many people investing in real state to park their cash which they don't want to show it to government to save taxes.

These people who have bought houses on CASH will NOT SELL THEIR HOMES AT 50-60% LOW PRICES because they don't know what to do with that money hence they have invested it in houses.

I AGREE that current prices are high and must come low to become affordable for common man but do not expect prices to fall more then 30-40% or you will end up waiting and waiting and waiting.

For example, If you wanted to buy 1 CR. home in Jan 2008 and if you are getting that home for 65-75 lakhs and if YOU CAN AFFORD i say hit the nail and block the deal.

Dont wait for prices to fall to 50 lakhs or something, it MAY NOT HAPPEN.

Discloser: I am FLAT owner and wanted to upgrade to better location and also waiting for prices to fall, but could believe all mis information some people are spreading here about price crashes. I am also working with institutional investor firm and trust me world is not coming to end.


Of course you can come here and bitch and speculate or whatever if you don't have money and can't afford to buy home just like me :)

- Jay.

Abdulla, bag ja, teri yah par nahi chalegi. HAHA.

Anonymous said...

The way things are 50% price fall looks very low, I think it will fall to more like 60-70% in many areas. Alraedy without any negotiation or anything, properties in Thane where the builders were arrogantly quoting for Rs. 6000/- psf (arrogantly because they used to drive away potential customers saying "lene ka hai to lo, time pass mat karo, chalo bolo") are now being displayed on large hoardings at Rs. 3600/- on READY POSSESSION basis, at such an early stage of the down cycle. BTW the same propert was available in 2004 (booking rate at 1800/- psf).What has changed so much in 3 years that the rate should even be 3600/- today (a rise of 100%)? Nothing. Hence I think basically it has nothing to with percentage corrections, prices will come down to 2003 levels or even lower depending on the capacity of the builder lobby and banks to hold on.
BTW all of those who are harping on the black money factor, in all of Thane in the newly developed areas, most flats have been bought by salaried middle class people (those who take loans) with 100% cheque payment all white. Only black component could be the covered parking slots that were sold for atrocious amounts. Black money may have been the one financing the builders, but it was certainly not a factor on the buyers end.

Anonymous said...

ust today, I checked with various agents in malad(w) and visited some builders too, but every one is quoting a price around 7000/ sq.ft for built up area. This is way too more than I can afford. I spoke to several watchmen who told me that the occupancy in these building is just 20%. The owners just park their cars in the parking lot but dont live there. This is baffling.

3 years back the rates were 50% than today and these flats will not be sold unless they cut the prices by 50% or more.

Can some real estate professional shed some light on what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming about collapse of Indian economy and RE. Wait for a week or two, see where the interest rates are moving. Time will only tell who has the last laugh. All the best too you all Guys who sit on the Comp and predict the market. I am betting on Mumbai because of the huge demand and off course with the change in interest rates scenario.

Bindaas Bhai

Anonymous said...

There is a building coming up in malad west near ryan school. Few months(9) back, I was told by the builder that the booking rate for a flat was rs. 7000 per sq ft, not a paisa less. Now( begining nov) the builder is quoting Rs. 5000, not a paisa less. Few investors have booked the flats and 80% of the flats are unsold. 3 years back, the booking rate was 2500, half of what he is quoting now. My estimate is that, in another six month he will be forced to sell at 2500~3000 rate or even for less incurring losses.

My point is that, the same situation prevails all over Mumbai. The big builders like hiranandani, Raheja etc are either failing to see the reality or up to some tricks only known to them.

Hold on to your cash and wait until the prices reach 2003 level. You mat even be lucky as the prices may reach 2001 level , just when the bubble started building up.

Anonymous said...

Boss I dont have any interest in influencing you all because today a customer is confused even after reading a credible news paper leave alone this site(with due respect).

I am here to present my views which i feel a majority of people will not agree because they want to buy a house. I am no one to predict the market. All I am saying is the following.

1) Mumbai still has a huge demand for homes.
2) Limited availability of land.
3) Corelation of stcok market to property market is lost.
4) Govt will push growth and doing so will drop interest rates sheer out of complusion.(Hopefully the inflation rates will come further down in comming months)
5)Politician shelfish interest by not bringing tarnsparency and also not increasing FSI.
6)Certain sectors Financial, Diamonds and garments willl only take time to come out of this financial mess but most of the other Industries will come stronger.
7) People will immediately start comparing EMI vs Rent.

Now it is up to the customer to buy looking at good discount or waiting for so called crash which may or may not happen.

At times vultures go hungry or will be left with bones so learn to catch your own prey.

Personally I am buying now and i am getting good deal and choice of flats, which i feel i can sell later with two to three years horizon

All the best to you all!!

Bindas Bhai

Anonymous said...

ypically in a developing economy 50% of development happens with Hot money, this will not come to India for some time but eventually it will come as dust settels it may take a couple of quarters.

India is among the few countries with good potential and it will shine. The world will look at India in couple of quarters. None of the Inidan banks have lost money because as per the policy RBI did no allow our banks to invest in any of the US derivatives.

Why are the people over here trying to create a scare and behave like God to time the market.

I am sure everyone over here knows that this scare is only to protect their own interest hoping people wont buy and property prices will crash.

With politician and builders nexus it is very unlikely that your dreams will come true.

Someone mentioned earlier about demand destruction, I agree with him but there is still time,( i amy be wrong) who expected oil to touch $147 and when people started taliking about oil reaching $200 what happened we all know.

History has shown that it is very difficult to time the market and reverse always work when it comes to common man.

Friends pls dont time the market if you are getting minimum 30% discount in good areas, go ahead and strike a deal. It works around 100% reduction on 300% increase.

Bindaas Bhai

Anonymous said...

Bindaaas Bhai,
You are a bindaas chutiya.

What the fuck are you are talking and what is your analogy. If you have to buy, go and buy. This blog is not for you.

Behanchod, all these people who are losing money will curse you till your death. Shame on you. When you don't know about something, keep your mouth shut. If you know a lot, go and buy flats. Don't ever try to come to this blog bastard...Did you get your MBA from IIM Ahmedabad? Those are the fuckers who screwed it all up. Saale sare madar chod chor hain.

another chembur hunter said...

BB but I am not getting even 20% discount in any area in Chembur. nothing is below 8.5k.
should I wait and watch

Anonymous said...

BB can you share you are buying at what price points and which area? thanks,

Vik said...

The big question is can you afford to sleep in the flat you buy peacefully at night, without worrying about EMI's or job security. There ar e many folks who put 50% down. If you are capable of doing that, buying now or later doenst matter. If you are going to leverage 90% of the loan, be careful as a 10% drop in prices will put u under water. This has happened in US to 30% of all purchases and it has happened in India to all purchases made in 2007 and 2008. We just don't see the data as the banks don't disclose it. Make your own educated guess to stay out of any potential mess. BB or me or anybody else dont have a crystal ball. I'm not sure what the other bulls would be doing if they got the market right but I would be on a my private yatch in the Bahamas

Anonymous said...

Malad West - Abrol park, near ryan international school

Rate : 5500~6200 - If interested, contact the builder through your registered real estate agent. All apartments ready for occupation . No muslims

I just bought one

A. Kasbekar

Anonymous said...

India is still full of fools. Can someone explain why "No Muslims". I'm a Hindu and I've a lot of good Muslim friends. It is one's faith whatever they can follow. It is just ridiculous the way mentality is among Indians.

Shriniwas K said...

Aundh Annexe and Baner Pune - 6-8km from University circle 10-11 km from Deccan Gym

2004 rates 1400-1800
2007 peak rates 3600-4500
2009 mid rates 2400-2800 - negotiable
expected 2010-2011 rates 2800-3000
expected 2011-2012 rates 2800-3000

Good proximity to bypass highway, software park, amenities, colleges.
More Open areas and less congestion due to high road density than central pune (old suburbs)

-Security and internal roads under pressure due to large number of projects underway in residential zones
-Traditional Indian developing locality problems like mosquitoes, water logging, dust, power outages

check out the DP on

Anonymous said...

Shriniwas, the URL is not working. Can you please paste working URL.

Anonymous said...

BB Says:Friends pls dont time the market if you are getting minimum 30% discount in good areas, go ahead and strike a deal. It works around 100% reduction on 300% increase.

This shows mathematical abilities of BB.

a property of 100 Rs on 300% increase is 400 Rs . And on 100% discount on that 400!! what's the value . .Its ZERO guys.

This proves that BB is a Ch***YA and the M***R F***R is n't worth a Shit.

Strange that a person claiming to earn 60 Lakhs p.m. and talking about rent discounting has such a brain.

Guys BB is a paid blogger sitting at home with jananas (women) and posting for his builder friends. Normally they make 150-200 rs per day.

Anonymous said...

Geez, you might as well shut down the comments and if doing a survey do it using multiple choice. Instead of this post it would have been better to take a poll of how much people want prices to go down before they would buy.

Anonymous said...

You mother fucker...son of a bitch...!!!
Get out from this are a fucking gey, ass hole...

Shriniwas K said...

Awrra - Stop abusing. This is as if you want to force sellers to reduce rates just because you want a cheaper house.

Over the past 18 months, I am pretty sure good corrections have happened in all places except Mumbai.

Mumbai prices will fall for sure. OTher cities, already projects are delayed or there are few buyers at inflated rates.

Instead of abusing on forum, one should relax and look for good deals. If one builder refuses to reduce, some one else will definitely reduce. still if you dont get, you can always buy a used home as may "investors" will be looking to offload.

PMC 23 villages plan is here

but the server is hardly up - people have uploaded copies to mirrors.

I have BAner plan which is village #1 in the list as its alphabetical.
emial me for the pdf

Anonymous said...

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