Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vastu junk in the Times of India

Here is another junk article in the Times of India, property times segment, only meant to fill up space as the advertisements have dropped drastically. The Vastu quack talks about Indian being under economic distress as it is surrounded by water on the east, south east and west and southwest. There is another country which has similar geographical boundaries and has enjoyed great economic progress in the past 50 years - USA

Water makes a difference

Water in East, Southeast, South, Southwest and West. India is surrounded by water in five directions. It is one of the largest peninsulas in the world. Out of eight directions five directions are surrounded with water.
As per the principles of Vastushastra water element in North, Northeast and East is considered as the best for prosperity.
In the case of our country, it is
only the East direction which matches with this.
Water element in the rest of the five directions is bad, out of which South, Southwest and West is extremely negative.
Water in the Southeast leads to delay or lot of obstacles in every work. At the same time, water in the Southeast is also responsible for unproductive expenses, malpractices as well as corruption. Increased cost of the projects due to malpractices or corruption is a major obstruction in our progress.
Water in South, Southwest and West hampers the stability of the nation. Repeated aggressions on this nation caused instability and foreigners ruled this country for a long period.
It also leads to financial losses on large scale almost leading to bankruptcy.
If we look at the progress of Indian economy it was always under the pressure of foreign borrowings.

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Anonymous said...

Real estate IPOs: Watch out for execution track record

--- an eye opener article

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, but we need to capture all the links in a separate blog page.

Anonymous said...

Typically firms raise money from IPO's and then go on for long-term debt/FCCB's/ECB's, QIP's etc..when they are promising.

It's only when that tap (i.e., FII's and other Institutional Investors) dries out and if the prices are in a bubble phase do companies go for a second IPO. People who invest in these IPO's of real estate companies will have only themselves to blame.

Real estate companies are over leveraged, have a massive inventory over hang and are in the down cycle (real estate companies are extremely cyclical). People who subscribe to realty IPO's are subscribing to flimsy froth!!

Sanket said...

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