Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bubble Bursts for India's Once-Booming Real Estate Market

Bubble Bursts for India's Once-Booming Real Estate Market

(MUMBAI, INDIA) -- After nearly four years of aggressive growth, India's once-booming real estate market is in a freefall.

In an eye-opening analysis, Business Monitor International of Blackfriars, London, and Fast Market Research of Williamstown, MA are reporting:

Prices have dropped 20-40% since their peak.
Property sales have fallen over 50% year-on-year.
Developers are burdened with many unsold and unfinished projects.
Bank lending has tightened.
REITs have lost 80% of their value.

"Potential buyers are delaying purchases in the hope that prices will go down further," according to the report. First-home buyers are seen as a major driver for the residential segment. Luxury residential prices fell dramatically in early 2009.

Demand is sharply down. "Affordability is now one of the main drivers in the residential market," the report notes. "There has been resurgent interest by developers in affordable housing schemes, especially as the market has stalled for luxury houses and apartments."

The report cites Chanda Kochhar, the incoming chief executive of the ICICI Bank India's largest private bank, who said in February 2009 that real estate prices still need to fall by at least 20% if the market is to pick up.

The share prices of Real Estate Investment Trusts have fallen in value by up to 80% since their peak.


Anonymous said...

China - "Monumental Realty Bubble

Old Saying - its the darkest before morning. There is this gloom and doom where everyone feels that astronomical home prices are here to stay. Its times like these that points of inflection...

Anonymous said...

More like twilight before dusk at this stage my friend. And the RE lobby is trying to lighten things up with torches..

Anonymous said...

Even India is more or less like China in RE bubble. In fact all of Asia including Australia are in a massive bubble. Let's see when this whole thing comes down.

rajni sharma said...
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