Sunday, May 30, 2010

India’s Economy Grows 8.6%, Adding Pressure on Rates

As the economy grew by 8.6%, can the FM please mention the growth of black money, a primary cause of the housing bubble. It should be apparent to everybody that growth of the economy should translate to higher profits for all stakeholders including those in the government who are involved in the approval process. All this underhand money props the value of land and apartments thereby pricing out the common man. India is entering an era which the Japanese became very familiar with in the 90's. India is prosperous but Indian's are not. India has 8.6% growth but Maoists are blowing up trains and killing their own countrymen. It just appears that the Maoists don't think they belong to an country called India, and why would they. They have been neglected all thru the 60 years of independence and now the mining mafia is out uproot them of their own land. There couldn't be a better movie then Avatar to illustrate the plight of the Maoists indigenous people and most probably the Maoists wouldn't even know that someone made a few billion dollars of their cause.

Interestingly we now have Jones Meghraj and others from the real estate business who are saying that the Lodha's deal in Wadala is unsustainable. A case of the pot calling the kettle black. Nobody likes their territory infringed upon and it appears that Lodha's have entered Wadala causing grief to the existing projects., some of which could belong to their clients.

May 31 (Bloomberg) -- India’s economic growth accelerated, adding pressure on the central bank to raise interest rates even as Europe’s sovereign-debt crunch threatens the global recovery.

Gross domestic product rose 8.6 percent in the three months ended March 31 from a year earlier after a revised 6.5 percent gain in the previous quarter, the statistics office said in a statement in New Delhi today. That matched the median estimate in a Bloomberg News survey of 22 economists.

India and China, the world’s fastest-growing major economies, are weighing the risk of Europe’s debt crisis reducing demand in the market that accounts for a fifth of their exports. For India, the room to pause on monetary tightening is limited because its benchmark inflation rate is more than three times that in China.

“The biggest threat in India is from inflation and the risk that the economy overheats,” Kevin Grice, an economist at Capital Economics Ltd. in London, said before the report. “This, in the end, would force the Reserve Bank of India to aggressively hike policy rates, which would inevitably bring far lower growth later on.”

India’s central bank said May 19 that it will raise rates only cautiously even though they are “out of line” with the key wholesale-price inflation rate, running at 9.59 percent. In comparison, China’s $4.3 trillion economy expanded 11.9 percent in the first quarter and consumer prices rose 2.8 percent in April from a year earlier

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Dokemion said...

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Anonymous said...

Very few people harvest the growth and therefore the growth factor is totally meaningless to us. I was stunned to read a report in Midday newspaper that people in bandra pay Rs 80,000 per hour to a prostitute. This is twice my monthly gross salary. This shows that few people are flush with money and without doubt one can say that this not earned money.

How come the apartments are costing crores when median income of a family is 40-50 thousand per month. Are we supposed to feel proud of our national growth ?.

I don't see a respite from this housing problem. As the days pass, I find the illusory bubble isn't a bubble at all. It is all about black money and corruption.

The way things are shaping place, I just wonder how long it will take the youth to join the maoist ranks. After all, there is a limit for patience and the corrupt government can not fool us all the time

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