Monday, November 22, 2010

2G scam, corrupt nexus between policiticans, business and the media

Full transcript of calls between politicians/lobbyists and journalists including the Ambani Gas deal, Air-India ripoff by Praful Patel and more. It appears that Prabhu Chawla had advance information of the judgement and Nira Radia is fishing for information. More juicy details by Outlook

By roping in the media the politicians and businessmen have nothing to fear. The 4th estate is as corrupt as the other three and these tapes provide damming evidence to that effect. When I said that the Indian media will never report the truth on the state of real estate because of vested interests like builders placing advertisements into the same publications I didn't realize the extent of the rot which had seeped into the system.

Forget real estate one can replace 2G scam with any other scam and the same nexus will operate with high efficiency.

There are also news articles which now put the stock market boom in recent months into question as the recycled corrupt money enters India thru Marutius and other tax havens.

Open Magazine has provided links to Barkha Dutt's conversation with Nira Radia. The media in India is the wolf in the lamb's clothing. Who will trust the messenger ?

Here are Magazine's links


Anonymous said...

The journalist (a PadamShree award winner ) who claims to be the voice of common man is involved in brokering deals! Folks, I am seeing a bigger conspiracy here, believe me or not, but this is beyond corruption. I have firm belief that India in next 20 years would be totally detached from its past, and trust me I do not like what I see. I am foreseeing grave danger to Indian state and the time is not far when existence in its current form is questionable. Pralay is near, the outcome is already decided......

Anonymous said...

To provide 35 kg of rice to every family of India, you require an additional food subsidy of `85,000 crore. In other words, you can achieve food security in India with `85,000 crore. Contrast this with the `1,76,000 crore that has been lost in the 2G spectrum scam, as the CAG reports.

Hunger is not new in India. From time to time, there are pesky figures which remind us where we stand in the hunger stakes despite high economic growth. Just a few weeks ago, the Global Hunger Index brought out by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) ranked India 67th among 84 hungry countries. In South Asia, the low nutritional, educational, and social status of women is among the major factors that contribute to a high prevalence of underweight in children under five, the IFPRI report noted.

Bachera Indian said...

Lets leave all this behind and work as you have worked like jackass for last half a decade. What are we talking about is sheer nonsense. If we now claim that media is control by politician then what is so big news? We all knew it now it is in writing that’s the only difference. See yourself how many politician have gone to the jail once for only one month tell m, the answer is no. the same will be the irony for future as well, as everybody’s hand is dirty. If we go to the jail everybody has to go as the first person puke all the truth and that will be too hard to digest for the common people as well for the world.

Look at yourself, the problem in east India, the problem in J&K, the problem with poor farmers in AP and Maharashtra, who has highlighted this issues, not a single media group. You are telling food security of rice @ 35 kg, forget that even if manage current production and storage that is more then enough, same is real estate. So this is going on and will go on for century. Nothing is going to happen now as well for tomorrow.

DhImAn said...

Why don't you check out corruption in the west?

Is this form better?

Thambi said...

@DhImAn Anne,

From your posts I've concluded that you are blalantly anti west and probably an islamic jealot. Corruption at high places has a ripple effect on all the masses, but the corruption at lower end has a devastating effect on a common man.

I totally agree with anon 4:3o 's observations

DhImAn said...


I find it amusing that you, a self confessed corrupt railway employee have the cojones to wax eloquent about how corruption is evil.

Talk about two faced, lying, hypocritical doublespeak.


As for me being Islamist and west hating, I suppose you know a lot of Islamists who are Sanskrit scholars, yes? And pointing out the truth about the west makes me west hating?

Get your brain out of the sewer. Better yet, get it examined, for you seem delusional.

Desi Batman said...

Grass is greener on other side of the fence is very old saying. Just because you are in East doesn't make grass greener on West side!

Corruption is in every country and at different intensity. India corruption is accepted and done in open and is part of day to day routine. Where as West has more of high level corruption, it doesn't impact you directly and is not part of your day to day routine.

There is a price to be paid to be a clean guy in India. Question are you ready to pay that price?

Nirmohi said...

My thoughts are echoing same as the first anon poster here. Lately, I have been thinking and linking all recent major/minor events and seeing through the history. And I am asking myself, who is the one to benefit from all these chaos? I bet you would come to the same conclusion as anon above and me that there is a method to all the madness around and there is indeed a sinister agenda, and mind you this agenda is not new to the Indian subcontinent; it is as old as the civilization itself. Folks think beyond corruption, see through the masks and you would know what I am talking about...........

Anonymous said...

BTW, with a budget of 9800 crores and a fascinating story, a new scam is taking birth with the announcement of the Navi Mumbai Airport.

Congress govt. keeps dreaming up these mega initiatives...also, I had a good laugh when I saw new Maha CM Prithviraj Chavan on the photo!! Looks like he is being groomed for the new scam..

No news as yet on CWG, Adarsh and which were the other ones? I seem to have forgotten them..

Anonymous said...

Can you enlighten us about your hallucinations about the future of India. We are all dyeing to know what the future holds for us.

Our country is a land of scams from time immemorial and always will be. The reasons why the scams were hidden in the past was there was no internet . Since the advent of the web, the public can have any information and protest or applaud.

The biggest teamsters in the west also happen to be of Indian origin that makes one to believe that the art of scams gets implanted in Indian brains early in their childhood. Those with bright brain use it , and those with less, cry foul of it.

The bottom line is that most Indians lack dignity

Anonymous said...

re. above post

please read teamsters as SCAMSTERS

Anonymous said...

After 101 Mercedes, Aurangabad citizens chase 101 BMWs

Surprised!!!!!!! Don't be

Most of ex Maharashtra CM's relatives and cronies are living in Aurangabad!!!!!

shailesh said...

Soaring prices bring down flat sale

The festival season did not bring any cheer to developers as they were in no mood to reduce prices. According to the released data, as of October, the average sales volume of three month stood at 3,800 units compared to 5,100 units in the same period a year ago.

Developers started increasing the price substantially since April. The prices rose from 7% to 42% in the past six months following which sales stagnated. Even if the June-August period saw good volumes, it was lower in comparison to last year’s figures.

Ambar Maheshwari, director of sales advisory, DTZ, an international property consultancy, said: “There will be a price correction of 10% to 20%, but considering the pace at which the prices have gone up, these corrections would not help. People have to get used to the fact that home sizes are also becoming smaller. There has been a dip in activity for sure in Mumbai but putting a number to it would be difficult.”

Jones Lang LaSalle India research head Abhishek Kiran Gupta said in a research paper that the average sale price has gone up to Rs5,325 per square feet compared to Rs4,775 per square feet last year. Also, the quantum of discounts offered by developers, which hit a high at 20% in the first half of 2009, has now reduced to nil — 3%.

Dheila DikShit said...

Delhi Real Estate

The hard days are over. Real estate is going to stabilize and everyoone will have a roof on their head . Please read the following:

Delhi couples top in condom use

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Nirmohi said...

I had same doubts in my mind that I was I do not..look around (if you are in India), take a deep look at the society around you, take a deep look at the social fabric, then ask yourself some very hard questions, was it always like this? How did we get to this social structure, and so fast? I repeat, thing beyond corruption, think who is to benefit, think who is the messenger, think whose message the messenger is carrying.......

samix said...

nirmohi what you trying to say ? please be precise and to the point.

Nirmohi said...

I wish I could be more clear than I already I am. We say it is corruption, I say think beyond that; was it this bad 30 years back, was it this bad 20 years back? Was is it this bad 10 years back? Think about it, we have had issues in the past, no one denies, was the scale this gigantic? Do we know what is the source of the money? We say the government is printing it. Why is it printing? Because every other government in the world is doing that, printing money; no one wants to be left behind. But if all the governments in the world are engaged in same activity and every country has its share of problems, no one is denying; why is that it is Indias citizen are in worse situation than most others? Do you even realize that India has lots of enemies, and no friends really, both inside and outside. Who would benefit a divided India most? Do you know what is that binds India together despite having so many obvious differences? Right now that binding is under clear and constant threat, more so than anytime in history.
Sometimes I think, if I am Nirmohi, why I am bothered at all...but whats happening is beyond grief....

Anonymous said...

@Nirmohi sir,

cut the crap and shoot the point. Are you saying that USA or China behind all this corruption. If not, are you blaming the almighty.

Your vague statements don't make sense. Be specific when you make a statement in a serious blog., otherwise take your blabbering elsewhere

Anonymous said...

okay, nirmohi,

stop building the f**king suspense.

so, you are a BJP supporter, what else you have got to say????

dont be wasting our time giving sermons, you halfwit.

Moulana said...

Nirmohi mia,

when you mentioned 'Messenger' , did you refer to the messenger of god, Rasoolillah (pbuh).

My request to you is to leave the holy people out of this blog. This blog is for real estate only.

Jazak Allah Khair

Anonymous said...

@Dheila DikShit,
The effects of condom use may see the benifits in another 25 years by way of population control. Do you have an immediate plan to regulate the current situation. If not, keep your trap shut

Anonymous said...

Nimrohi, India has always been like this.

More than 100 years ago, British commentators remarked about Hindus and found them venal, corrupt, casteist, dirty and incorrigible in their ways. Indian police was renowned under British rule for corruption, third degree and other evils

They gave up on Hindus and dealt only with PArsis, who were ready to learn WEstern ways. They said - with the advantages we have provided, it is bewildering that the Hindu has learnt nothing at all.

Later, they created Pakistan because USA needed a reliable ally against USSR - which Pakistan proved to be - while Indians under Nehru proved unreliable (Under Indra Gandhi, went over to USSR side)

Nirmohi said...

To all the anons above --
1. You say India has always been like this, Brits have said that, haven't they?
2. Gave up on Hindus, and dealt with Parsis, do you know from where these Parsis came to India? From West?
3. Remember that it is the winner who gets to write history. In India's case, we have not been on the winning side since ages, so someone else gets to write history. Why would you think, the other party would praise India and Indians, it would try to paint as negative as possible.
4. If you been to western countries or eastern on, they seem so much proud of their heritage, we are the only one who are constantly shooting ourselves. Have you ever thought, why it has to be like this? If this continues unabated, then the west has been truly successful in their agenda.
5. When we say that corruption is in every sphere of life and all systems, no discussion is inappropriate in any forum.
6. If we do not change, we would be condemned to repeat the same mistakes that our ancestors did, and we are paying price for it now...

Desi Batman said...

No systemic risk to housing mkt due to scam: Deepak Parekh

Q: Do you expect this to be just the tip of iceberg? Given your understanding of the system do you think its only 4 or 5 officials in the Indian banking system who are corrupt and resorting to this kind?

A: I think it may be tip of the iceberg but its norm of the day, we must wake up to the fact, we must understand that this is a normal practice in Indian business, in Indian industry.

WTF... truly spoken, corruption is a normal practice in Indian business, in Indian industry (...also in aamm admi)

Desi Batman said...


Take your medication and have a good sleep.

Your posts are not making any sense, may be you are expressing also with your body language that we cannot see and missing the point you are trying to make.

Get a friend or someone to translate your nonsense into some sense in writing on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Desi Batman, well said

It seems that Nirmohi is either schizophrenic or dumb

Desi Batman said...

More scams...

It is a normal sunny day for a common man in India. It is India shining with Mercs, BMWs, 1+ crores RE.... scam what scam? These are the earnings, else who and how would crores of worth RE be affordable.

Loan scam: Fin Min seeks report from PSBs raided by CBI

Anonymous said...

One of the comments on
Year of Scams:-Scam after scam after scam... Phew!!!!... (1) CWG scam (2) Adarsh Building scam (3) IPL scam, (4) Food grains rotting scam (5) Bofors scam (6) Telgi scam (7) 2G Spectrum scam...(8) Military Generals’ Sukana Land Scam. (9) Money for Sonia`s rally scam (10) Queen Baton’s Relay scam (11) General Deepak-Hooda Malad-Kandivali land scam (12) Karnataka land scam (13) Mining scam (14) Fake housing loan scam CBI exposure………The scams are coming out of my ears……H….E….L….P…..!!!!!
-BABUJI - United Kingdom

Nirmohi said...

Desi Batman and anons of this blog, if a person is asleep, you can wake him up, if he is faking it, you cant. The issues roots are right before us, and yet we close our eyes and pretend to sleep. Some anon above says, "its been like this since long"....Who am I trying to wake up, we have accepted our defeat, haven't we!

Anonymous said...

CBI arrests LIC officials, bankers in multi-crore housing scam

Read more: CBI arrests LIC officials, bankers in multi-crore housing scam - The Times of India

scam after scam!!!!!!!!

hindustan jindabad

Anonymous said...


You need help. I wish i could help you but unfortunately i'm not a psychiatrist

Anonymous said...

LIC Housing Finance racket a bribery case, not large scam: Govt


Nirmohi said...

To people who can not understand me . Here are the hints

1. Who is the actual ruler of India ?

2. Who forces India to be a puppy to White people. Guess

3. Who will rule India . guess

It is my mistake to write on this blog frequented by lower category people, but I am not angry but ashamed how foolish educated indians are

samix said...

Nirmohi said

It is my mistake to write on this blog frequented by lower category people


samix said...

Due to this new RE scam that has been un-earthed, I guess that the RBI will have to now again re-blow the bubble to the next level.

If the RE market falls now the, I suspect that some public sector banks may get into trouble.

But heck, can't they just print the money and cover the books ?

what say guys ?

shailesh said...

Nirmohi: Well trying to dip into your arguments here. It appears you are referring to West as the one trying to change our ways. Which to great extent could be true. The true ruler of West is large corporations. They control the politics and economics. They are facing deep financial crisis in last 5 years, and these corporations need access to Indian markets and cheap labor. Also in West, what we call corruption, exists legally in form of lobbyist and campaign finance. So, I would not be surprised if large corporations use ways to fund the same in India in someway. In fact, if you look at it, Obama paid India visit, primarily on behalf of large defence manufacturers. In west politicians can not survive without helping corporations, which in turn fund their campaign.

If you are referring to this fact, then that course can not be changed. US corporations tried this approach first with Germany, then Japan, then China, and quite possible next could be India. There will be good effects as well. I don't think India has choice or any top indians think they can change such influence.

Anonymous said...

Shailesh, I guess you r right. The educated young adults in India would prefer identifying themselves with the west than the corrupt Indian civilization and I'm sure that in a decade or so, Indian democracy will be sort of modeled like the west. I dont think the coming generation will be mute spectators to the scams we see today . I'm sure people will be held accountable once a scam is discovered.

The problem with our system is no one gets punishment for cheating. We all know that the current scamsters will have the last laugh as they know that 'tamasha' will last for few days but will be able to keep their loot.

Nirmohi said...

Most of us want to run away from the maddening corruption. Corruption is just one part, community and culture is the bigger part. Over the next 5 to 10 years, the fabric of the community would change so drastically, that you would want to run away from India and never return. The point is how long and how far we would keep running? Have you ever witnessed what cultural suffocation is? If not yet, be ready for is not too far, you would get to test that closer your not think that MSM would help is already sold out...

Anonymous said...

Nirmohi, the whole world is changing, not just India. What culture are yu talking about ?. The hindu culture whose foundation is built on nepotism, tyranny, slavery, kamasutra, corruption, cast system, untouchability etc etc. Don't you think a change is needed.

Nirmohi said...

Each culture has its own flaws, no one denies that. What I am interested in is just the good aspects, which no other culture/religion offers.... For example, accepting and acknowledging that there could be multiple paths to reach the god(or whatever you like to call). This view is not shared by all - and two major religions in the world - christantiy and islam, do not tolerate anything else. What is worse, they are active supporters of conversions - by hook or crook. Hindus do not beleive in forced conversions, and so Hindus do not enforce their religion on others, but others do not share the same thoughts. And that is my worry is. If we get to a point where Hindu voice is lost in the propaganda, it is lost forever...already Hindus are minority if you take into account the entire worlds population...The western influence that is reaching Indian shores is masked, do not be fooled by its economical appearance, the agenda is clear - undermine Indian herigate and instill western you would ask me how this is related to current chaos...all I say is look at the source, who is behind all that is happening...who is the puppet and who is the master.......

DhImAn said...

The hindu culture whose foundation is built on nepotism, tyranny, slavery, kamasutra, corruption, cast system, untouchability etc etc.

And who died and made you the authority on Indian culture?

Don't you think a change is needed.

Hell, no.

What has this forum become? Hindu Bashing Forum? First moulana spews his bullshit about some messenger and the "holy people", and now this brilliant doofus spews vile nonsense about Hinduism?

Seriously. Who let these lowlifes in here?

DhImAn said...

For what it's worth, I agree with Nirmohi.

There has always been a master plan to destroy true Indian heritage.

And yet, it survives. Such is the power of a distributed, decentralized system.

So, Nirmohi - I say this to the desert bloc forces: Bring it on, baby! You haven't succeeded for two thousand years, and we've seen much worse.

So bring it on!

Anonymous said...

check out todays economic times...

Loan scam: Realty shares tumble, Jaiprakash Power gets CBI notice

Anonymous said...

Hey Vik,

Are you going to allow this blog to be a religion bashing forum frequented by dickheads(oh,how germane!!!) like nirmoha and dhiman???

Why dont we leave it at housing and nothing more??

Perhaps they might be well advised to take their veritable scurrilous slugfest of Islam,Xian bashing elsewhere.

I am not being squemish but this derisiveness is not winning any browne points for you or for your blog..

Anonymous said...

Being a Dalit, I totally agree with Anon 4:08 's remark on Hindu culture. Why do you think, we have converted to Bhuddism , some of us to Islam and christianity. No one forced us or we were influenced by propaganda or solicitation. It is the education that was denied to us by the caste system opened our eyes and made us to see how ugly hinduism is and has been.

If you look at the wider picture, 100% of the corrupt people who play havoc on poor, are Hindus.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the wider picture, 100% of the corrupt people who play havoc on poor, are Hindus.

Yeah, Yeah.

The people who caused 9/11 were konkani brahmins.

The people who caused 26/11 were Bihari rajputs.

The people who are conducting ethnic cleansing of hindus in Kashmir are actually Marwari Baniyas.

Jihadi is actually the name of a popular restaurant in Kolaba that serves tofu.

Yeah, hindus are responsible for everything bad in this world.

For the last few days, I am seeing a lot of Hindu bashing on this site. There is a group of Jehadi Muslims who are going from Blog to Blog and posting these crappy messages about Hindus. I think that Joker Naik who looks like a goat is instigating all this.

You want to know how great Hindus are? Hundreds of years ago, a ship full of persians was driven out of their homeland by the followers of a tolerant religion called Islam. Their crime? They were not Muslims. They came to India and were given protection by the Hindus. Same goes for jews in Kerala or Syrian Christians in South India.

Every religion has a bad side, don't bash up on Hinduism. It is at least a thousand years ahead of a people killing, wife beating, goatee growing, short pajama wearing religion out of the middle east.


DhImAn said...

Right on, Rustomjee. Thank you for speaking the truth.

Anonymous said...

Dont be paranoid, rustomjee.

No one is going around bashng hindus and certainly not in this blog. All the bashing here is reserved for the muslims an xians, by the schizophrenic delusional testosterone-fuelled posters getting belligerent in the name of some imaginary threat to them and their beleifs egged on by some conspiracy theorists.

After all fascists always find an imaginary enemy, pretend wounded pride and begin attacking the unsuspecting victims.

We have seen it all, baby.

Dont you try it on here in this blog.

Nirmohi said...

Hindu bashing is fad in India, aint it? You would not wake up untill things like this start happening in your locality..and you would have no where to I long would you keep far can you run...

Tragically, Hindus have no sense of history: Those who have come of age in these 20 years, we can be sure, are ignorant of how the Kashmir Valley was cleansed of its Hindu population through a modern day genocide. To forget, it is often said, is to forgive. But should we forgive those who committed this monstrous act of criminal misdeed? Should we forget that the Government of India has disowned the Hindus of Kashmir Valley? Should we rationalise the remorseless attitude of the Government of Jammu & Kashmir towards the plight of Kashmiri Pandits?

Abduction of a Hindu minor girl by a Muslim man and forcing her to marry him, and the
Calcutta High Court refusing to intervene...

Anonymous said...


your true colours are exposed, when you quoted "pioneer" and kanchan gupta, of all people.

Perhaps you could find enlightenment by reading items written by more egalitarian authors.

Good luck and may you find courage to take your head out of the shitehole you find yourself now.

Nirmohi said...

egalitarian ? You mean likes of Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghavi? I am not quoting fiction, it is what has happened, what is happening...and I have personally seen hindus replaced by muslims in neighborhoods after neighborhoods in my hometown. If I say I am hindu and uphold hindu things, I am branded as a fundamentalist,....if someone says he is muslim/christian and practices islam/Christianity...our media and system goes out of way to ensure everything works out smoothly for them......however you may want to dismiss it...the only thing that binds India together is hinduism, nothing replace that with some other religion..and you do not have united would have kashmir in west, south, east and central india...when countries like USA openly says 'In God we trust...' do they have to give explanation for it? Pakistan is proud to be a Islamic nation...every nation does uphold some religion or other officially..and no one objects....but when we say India..India has to be secular..BS...and what you do under the guise of so called promote so called minority ( btw...officially they are still...despite the real numbers..) and bash hindus..........if we are truly secure..we would have uniform civil we have? Do you have the guts to tell muslims that you have to follow Indias laws..not shariya when you are in India?

DhImAn said...

Right on, Nirmohi. Spot on 100%.

Kudos to you, my man.

Anonymous said...


Heard BJP was recruitng paid bloggers from the south(US). They just have to visit blogs, scour for eyeballs and post some nonsense like you have done. Most of what you are saying is not just boring, bt also puts people to sleep.

Many Indians working as pizza boys have fallen for the easy money.

Looks like you are one of those??


Digvijay Mote said...

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