Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Guess what is common between Ramdev, Anna Hazare and RSS ?

The last few days in India have been very hectic for the media as the anger against corruption has been taken to level not seen in recent times. In such stressful times it is best to find some comic relief to soothe the nerves and ready oneself for the battle next morning. Chidambaram , one of India's cabinet ministers have graciously offered to provide Indian citizens their daily dose of laughter. 

On Twitter citizens from every walk of life are now joining Chidambarm in slamming the RSS for being responsible for almost anything and everything which has happened in the Universe for over few billion years.  Link here


Anonymous said...

It seems to be the beginning of end of UPA. Not that BJP is very clean but lesser evil than UPA/Congress. Anytime in the history Congress has been in power, they blow major bubbles and scandals. This time it was mother of all bubbles.

Anonymous said...

I believe what is happening now in India is similar to what's happening in COuntries like Yemen, Syria. Govt. is stupid if they think that they can cover this up by showing RSS as the reason. It's nothing but all lies and deception and planned attack on these people. Whatever Baba Ramdev is in terms of his wealth and intentions, his cause needs to be supported by all the Indians.

Brothers and Sisters, believe me this movement will grow strong, and the Govt use of force will only add fuel to the fire.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting..
Operation India >>

Anonymous said...

If govt. labels me as RSS for supporting anti corruption, so be it. The con has no grace left to be excused. BJP govt. is like a petty thief compared to mega corruption by congress. Digvijay, Chidambaram, Raja, Kapil, Suresh, Sharad etc are face to this shame called corruption.

Anonymous said...

Sidhu and the Indian ambassador to US is conned by Kalmadi, DDA and company. Many of these guys are paying pre-EMI :) towards interest accruals as the regularEMI has yet to kick in. More reasons why to go for a ready to use property. Fortunately most of these guys have deep pockets so they can recover. Imagine if a salaried person got trapped in such a situation. I shudder to think what would happen

Frustrated said...

Most middle class professionals who have no access or allergic to black money are angry at the UPA govt. for protecting the corrupt and black money hoarders. Now, this class of professionals dominate the media, it is easy for them to hit back at the govt. through influencing public opinion. RSS research wing rightly stumbled upon this, and are using Baba Ramdev as their spokesperson. He is best suited for this purpose as 1, he is predends to be a yogi or godman, is prepared to spend money, and has lot of followers. No one cares for Anna Hazare and is considered as a political comedian

This drama is not going to change anything. At the most, it may topple corrupt A replacing him with corrupt B.

Appreciate your views

Frustrated said...

I have a question to the bloggers here.


I feel that the following three people are responsible for almost everything

1. Sonia Gandhi

@. Anthony

3 Chidambaram

Rest of the jokers in the group can be placed in category 'Your most obedient and humble servant '

Guys, Indioa isn't a democracy. It is a dictatorship just like Pakistan but more sophisticated, well managed and smart.

Elections only replace the dictators and whoever come into power cooperate with the rivals in all clandestine and nefarious activities.

Anonymous said...

the difference between theory and practical.

india is a lawful society: theory

india is a lawless society: practical

Mumbaikar said...

@ frustrated u r so wrong
Sonia and MMS are puppets. Actual show is run by all these veterans. Remember Congress needs someone from Gandhi Nehru family as front man, everything else is managed by senior politician. These guys have credibility but not face to go to masses hence Gandhi family are used as cover.

This is high time of UPA Govt. Instead of supporting moment against black money these guys are trying to suppress it. This clearly shows that as long as these people don't get royal jack won't let it happen.

This is time come out in open and launch moment all over India. If you font scare this wild snake it will definitely come and bite you. This is for you and your next generation.

Have u imaging life will be so easy without black money and self serving politicians?

Mumbaikar said...

It doesn't matter Anna or Baba we need someones shoulder to shoot at these arrogant self serving bastards.

Why MMS is quite, these guy doesnt even talk to media on any issue, doesnt give statements, may be he is too busy in scratching his old balls. God help him. This is what happen when person gets position for which he did not fight and don't deserve.

Anonymous said...

everybody, just accept the fact that india is an expensive country with low standard of living.

This is not a bubble.
Everyone is not rich.

Inflation is high.
India is expensive.
India has low std of living (but lots of stds)

==> said...

Wow... India without corruption and black money. Let's leave aside UPA, congress, etc etc... let's talk about aam admi.

Is Indian aam admi civilized enough to stand in queue patiently until his turns comes? Will richie rich guys allow aam admi to grow and go ahead in life?

It is impossible to have 100% corrupt free society, only thing can be done is to contain it to manageable level.

India culture is more socialist, it needs to turn in capitalist society. I am not saying capitalist country will resolve lots of problem, but try to bring out best in countrymen. People will be more productive and that will bring real growth and not all India shining nonsense.

Anonymous said...


Which universe do you live? In a Black Hole? You see black in every thing including money. Can you not see anything else around you?

==> said...

Which universe do you live? In a Black Hole? You see black in every thing including money. Can you not see anything else around you?

==> Am gald you asked. I live in same universe that you live in. Small world!

India's past was about relations, culture and glory, India's present is about money and corruption. Show me a single business or businessman who never gave a bribe or never used corruption (willingly or unwillingly) to his benefit. Know any one from population of 1.2 billion?

You guys are just pathetic - always get personal on general issues. Plz Come to the point and do not make it personal.

Anonymous said...

=> Said:

What is your point? What are you trying to say?

==> said...

What is your point? What are you trying to say?

Corruption cannot be entirely removed. It can only be brought down by law and regulation. Correct enforcement of law is also must, remove ambiguity from all law as much as possible - define, be precise, make officers and public accountable for all the acts. As long as these are not done, how can corruption be eliminated? Hazare is right about getting bill draft, but at same time revisit existing shitty laws, bring into enforce.

Still lost, baby? or do you want to think something on your own too?

skeptic's ghost said...

@ ==>
Corruption can be removed by Law and Regulation - but culturally rule of law and work ethic is only been practiced in Nordic & Western Europe, North America, Aus NZ and Japan-Korea (I think its a cultural thing)

No where else in the planet you see upholding law above any person or idea.
India was never meant to be a single country with constitution. So not all adhere to it. It will take a revolution to change that - nothing less.

==> said...

@skeptic's ghost
No where else in the planet you see upholding law above any person or idea.
India was never meant to be a single country with constitution. So not all adhere to it. It will take a revolution to change that - nothing less.

==> Correctly said, but many countries do not even try.

Now the question is will revolution take place in country like India? If so, may be next 100 years?

I appreciate your posts putting forward your thoughts in appropriate words (unlike me who sounds rough and rude sometimes).

Anonymous said...


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