Friday, August 24, 2007

Purvankara - Panaroma project delays

It seems no builder is immune to the age old problems of timely construction and litigation. Here is a posting from a mailing list. There was a posting on craigslist which has a 3 bed flat at 72L. Seems like a lot of misery already when you are parting with 72L. The litigation is a bonus


After a long delay, Purva Panorama complex on BG road seems to be almost complete, but the trouble for the owners/residents seem to be just starting??

The entrance to the complex has signboards that the area is disputed in the Karnataka high court. There are some painted graffitti on the walls of Purva panorama by SC/ST activists who are claiming the land. Till the time this is decided by the court, Purva Panorama residents have to undergo further misery.

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